How to password Protect Chrome : Simple Startup Password

Are You Concerned For Your Privacy in Google Chrome ? – Read this Post to Learn How To password Protect Chrome to Ensure Full Privacy.Privacy is Very Important For Every Internet User in order to ensure that what you Browse or Search over Internet should not be exposed to anyone.It can prove to be very Frustrating for You if someone comes to know what you type or  search over internet through Google Chrome and this can be very Embarrassing moment For You therefore it is necessary to Protect your Google Chrome from being used by your Family members or friends without Your Permission.So I am going to Provide you a very simple solution for your Problem by Setting up a Password For Your Google Chrome.Here below is a Step by Step Guide on How to password Protect Chrome Using Simple Startup Password Extension.

Key Features of  Simple Startup Password

  • Simple and Easy to Use.
  • Protect Your Privacy.
  • Each Time You Start Chrome it will ask you for the Password.
  • Blocks Unauthorized People to Access Your Google Chrome.

How to password Protect Chrome : Steps to Follow

  • Open Your Google Chrome and Add Simple Startup Password (Download Link)
  • Go to Google Chrome Settings and Select Tool and then Select Extensions as shown below in the Image.How to password Protect Chrome
  • Next in the Installed Extensions You will see Simple Startup Password Extension.
  • Click on Options as shown below.How to password Protect Chrome
  • Next a New Page will Open where You can Set a New Password.
  • Restart Your Chrome.
  • That’s all and You are all Done.

Note – Do not lose or forget your password! “Remind” isn’t work! You’ll have to reinstall your browser!So Make Sure to Write your Password in a Safe Place Also so as to Remember it if You Lose or Forget the Password accidentally.

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