Common OnePlus 2 Problems and Fixes : Best Solutions

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Common OnePlus 2 Problems and Fixes: OnePlus 2, the company’s latest flagship killer had almost everything that people expected it to have. Well, it had most of the expected feature on the phone. The OnePlus 2 is an excellent smartphone running a new and fresh Oxygen OS with an affordable price tag. However, with all the advantages, there are some common problems in OnePlus 2 which could be frustrating if not addressed.  So, in today’s article we will take a look at the common OnePlus 2 problems and fixes for them.

Common OnePlus 2 Problems and Fixes

Common OnePlus 2 Problems and Fixes : Check Below For Most Common Issues

Issue – 1 : Fix OnePlus 2 Random Reboot Problem

Some users have reported their OnePlus 2 to be rebooting randomly without any notice. The problem seems to be an issue with the software of the phone. However, it has not affected every OnePlus 2 owner.

To fix the random reboot problem in the OnePlus 2, try the follow:

  • Get the latest Oxygen OS update: Possibility is that OnePlus has taken this issues into consideration and released a fix with a the latest update. So, go to the settings and look for any new updates for your Phone.
  • Note: Before updating your phone to the new release make sure to check out the related online forums to see if the update has more problems than the fixes it brought.
  • Other possible solutions are turning off your Wi-Fi, but this would not be feasible in the long run. Check if the OnePlus 2 reboots when you are using a specific app. If yes, then try uninstalling it. If nothing seems working, make a complete data backup of your phone and perform a factory reset.

Issue – 2 : Fix OnePlus 2 Unresponsive Home Button and Fingerprint Sensor Issue

OnePlus 2 came with a built-in fingerprint sensor, and it was a right time as every major OEM was joining the bandwagon of “Next gen technology”. The Fingerprint sensor allows you to unlock your phone and make payment for the apps. However, unlocking your OnePlus 2 using the Fingerprint sensor seems to be the best thing you can do as of now. Some OnePlus2 users have reported the device to be unresponsive while using the Fingerprint sensor. This doesn’t seem like an issue with the fingerprint sensor but the capacitive home button itself.

  • While a software update might fix the unresponsive capacitive button and fingerprint sensor issue, you may try the following solutions to fix it temporarily.

Try turning off the built-in gesture control and see if the issue goes away. Try to use an authorized case on the phone as well. Try using the on-screen navigation keys instead of the physical key and limit the physical Home button use to fingerprint sensor only.

Issue – 3 : Fix OnePlus 2 Battery Life Issue

The OnePlus has generously packed the flagship with a 3300 mAh battery, but the device doesn’t seem to be providing the similar amount of backup to everyone. Some users have reported a very poor battery life of OnePlus 2 while other are getting a good backup for a whole day. The company has released an OS update which claims to fix the issue but didn’t go well with everyone. Until you get the next OS update, try these workarounds to fix the battery problem in OnePlus 2.

Look into your recently installed apps list and see if any app is using excessive battery juice. Uninstall any such app from the Apps manager. You may also want to wipe cache partition from the recovery menu and see if this fixes the issue.

Issue – 4 : Fix OnePlus 2 Dual Setting Issue

OnePlus 2 comes with dual SIM functionality and allows you to keep your both the SIMs active simultaneously. However, some of the OnePlus 2 users have reported to be facing problem while switching between the SIMs and while selecting the primary network. The phone also doesn’t show your primary pick in the notification bar.

If your OnePlus 2 is having a problem while switching between the SIMs, then try restarting your OnePlus 2. For some users, a simple restart has done the magic.  This seems to be a software issues, and hopefully will be fixed with the upcoming OS updates.

Another dual SIM related issues bugging the OnePlus 2 users is that the phone does not ask them to select which SIM to use while making calls. While setting up the dual SIM settings for making calls, you have the option to be asked every time that SIMs to be used. Even after selecting this option, some users have reported that the phone automatically select SIM 1 as the primary SIM during calls and does not give the option to select SIM two.Most of these SIM related issues are related to the software of the phone. A future OS update might fix SIM related issues in OnePlus 2.

Issue – 5 : Fix OnePlus 2 Overheating Issue

Overheating has been a common problem among all the latest Android smartphones and the latest OnePlus is not immune to overheating as well. The OnePlus 2 has been reported to overheat while using “nothing”. Typically, the smartphones get heated when you play graphic intensive games or use power-hungry apps for a long time, but the OnePlus 2  gets overheated for no apparent reason. Looks like OnePlus 2 was trying to make a multipurpose phone which can serve normal people and the “Hell boy” simultaneously.

Jokes apart! The Overheating issues can be a problem in the long run and you will not able to use your phone if its keeps overheating. Overheating issues are mostly fixed with a software update. However, if you see no updates available for your phone as of now, try the suggestion given below.

Take off the case if it gets overheated. Do not use your phone when it is charging. Go through your recently downloaded app list and see if any particular app is causing the problem. Have a chat with the OnePlus 2 customer care executives and if necessary ask for a replacement.

Issue – 6 : Fix Camera Issue in OnePlus 2

OnePlus 2 comes with a good quality camera and takes a good quality picture with great details. It may not be the best camera phone around, but certainly good enough for casual users.

OnePlus recently released as OS update, updating to which has left some users with a nonfunctioning camera when the flash is on. The screen goes blank or the pictures don’t get clicked if the flash is turned on.

The OnePlus 2 camera issue occurs when you use the stock camera app of the phone. So, an easy fix for this is to install a third-party camera app on your OnePlus 2. You may also want to try wiping the cache partition from the recovery menu. If nothing seems working you may try factory resetting your OnePlus 2.

Issue – 7 : Fix OnePlus 2 Connectivity Issue

Connectivity issues are nothing new to smartphones and in that to Android phones are more prone to the connectivity issues. The OnePlus 2 also seems to be the victim of connectivity issues, and the users seem to be getting affected because of it. Connectivity issues in the OnePlus 2 are software related issues and can be resolved with a software update. In the main time, you may try the suggestions given below to fix it.

  • Fix WiFi Issue in OnePlus 2 – Turn off your WiFi router for few minutes and turn it on. Now go to WiFi settings in your phone and forget the saved WiFi settings and the network. Now enter the details from the scratch and see if this fixes the issue. If necessary, disable Power Saving Mode from the Settings.
  • Fix Bluetooth Issue in OnePlus 2 – Make sure your Bluetooth is turned on and the device has been set to visible to the paired or all the devices. Turn off the power saving mode on your phone. If necessary reset the phone and also check if you have reached the maximum allowed Bluetooth profile limit on your phone.

So, this was about common OnePlus 2 problems and fixes. Make sure you follow them and let us know if any of these worked for you. Do let us know if you have any better alternative to these problems in the comment section. If you need more help, with your OnePlus 2, have a look at the OnePlus 2 official forum.

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