How to Fix Unknown Install Error 961 in Android ?

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Google Android is the fastest growing operating system in mobile platform that has revolutionized the whole mobile market and almost 90% of the smartphone’s that are marketed today comes with preinstalled Android OS. Google Android OS is thus far the best mobile operating system offering fast performance, high reliability and availability of millions of apps (Both free as well as paid) but recently a huge number of android users are reported having issues with Google playstore while downloading, updating or installing apps directly from Google playstore and one such error that has been observed recently is ‘Install error 961 Android’ that might seems frustrating one but don’t worry this can be easily resolved. Therefore here is a detailed solution on How to fix Unknown install error 961 android.

How to fix Unknown Install Error 961 Android – Best Fixes

Fix 1 – By Clearing Google Playstore Cache

I have already discussed the importance of clearing old temporary cache files from your Android device and once again here we need to do the same in order to resolve this Unknown Install error 961 Android. To Clear the Google Playstore cache just follow the below step by step tutorial.

  • Open your Android Device Settings ->  Scroll down a bit and Select Applications.

How to fix unknown install error 961 android - 1

  • Under Applications -> Select All -> Scroll down once again till you find Google Playstore.

How to fix unknown install error 961 android - 2

  • Tap on Google Playstore and here you will shown options for clearing data, clearing cache and force uninstall.
  • Just Tap on Clear Cache to clear old cache and Check back with your Google Playstore to verify whether the problem is resolved or not.

How to fix unknown install error 961 android - 3

If in case the error still persists then Try deleting the data from Google Playstore by selecting Clear data in Google Playstore.

Fix 2 – By Clearing System Cache via Recovery Mode

In general the above mentioned solution is the standalone method to fix unknown install error 961 android but still if you are facing the error then don’t worry there is another method that you can try in order to fix unknown install error 961 android. Here what we are going to do is to clear the System cache by booting the device into recovery mode.

  • Power off your Android device and Hold Volume Up/Down & Power button until you see the Boot Selection menu.
  • Use volume down button to navigate to Recovery mode and use volume up to select where you will see a red exclamation mark in the form of triangle near android icon.
  • Now press Volume Up/Down simultaneously in order to go to system recovery.
  • Use Volume Rocker to go to ‘Wipe Cache’ and select it by pressing power button.
  • Once done select volume rocker to select ‘Reboot System now’  and use power button to select.
  • That’s it now you will no longer face the same error.
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