Mobile Malware: Who Are Vulnerable and What They Can do About it ?

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Years ago malicious malware was never a threat in mobile technology. SMS and other phone features were not as prone to this threat. But when mobile phone started to pick up advance technology, internet and wi-fi access, security became one of the biggest problems that every phone users have to worry about.

 Malware are software that secretly controls a users phone or tablet. It automatically installs applications, that causes the deterioration of the unit. It also steals the private data of the users such as activities, location, and credit card number.

 Which phone user is the most vulnerable?

 Among the users who are most vulnerable to this security gap are the teens and the yuppies. Their excitement over latest smartphones, and tablets makes them easy targets of malware. They are also impulsive in downloading apps and games, which are main causes of these malicious files.

Mobile Malware

In a study made by Kaiser Family Foundation, teens ages 8-18 years old spend more than 7.5 hours a day on their phones, browsing the internet, playing applications, and social networking. With teens habit in mobile usage and their lack of  knowledge about the bad consequences of mobile malware, it is not surprising that they are considered the most vulnerable phone users to get phone infection.

Then again, anyone who uses smartphone are at risk of getting these harmful files. No matter what age group you are. You have to do something to protect your from from any serious damage.

What you can do about it?

It is scary to think about how much malware can affect a tablet or a smartphone, but teens, and other users can actually do something to prevent their phones getting infected. Here are few steps that they can do:

Check for any signs of infection – Signs like fast data consumption and battery drain are early signs that your phone is infected. However, it is not a concrete determining factor. Premium SMS and suspicious charges on your phone bill are also signs of malware infection.

Auto-lock phone every 5 minutes – Smartphone and tablets are easy to be lost. Phone lock is the first step to keep your phone secured. It also create an effective password to avoid other people from snooping into your phone.

Be wise in downloading apps – Even the most legitimate-looking application might hide malware. Once you download it your phone will automatically be infected. Read reviews, ratings, and developer information to know more about what you are downloading.

Don’t just click the ads – Do you notice the advertisements that pop out when you are playing a game? These games might have hidden chargeware. This will automatically register you to a service that charges you with unacceptable fee. This is mostly used by Premium SMS companies to get information about their victims.

Keep phone software updated – Phone developers always update their phone security from time to time. But it is not automatically downloaded. You have to get it and install it on your phone. These updates block any security threats, and likewise improve the performance of your phone.

Install mobile security tool – To make you feel at ease whenever you download apps, or browse the internet, you can install mobile security apps that automatically deflect possible malware attack. It can also delete malicious files that are already on your phone. Bitdefender Mobile Security and McAfee Mobile Security 2.0 are some tools you might want to consider.

Teens are not only the affected age group. Everyone who uses smartphone in communicating, gaming and internet browsing  can be affected by these damaging data. It is scary- yes. But remember by being a responsible phone user, malware won’t pose great threat to your beloved gadgets.

Follow the tips above and consider your phone free from any malicious files.

This article has been written by Maddy Bertelsen a blogger, short story writer, and a journalist who is  currently working for Essay Writing Website AU, while taking her master’s in marketing. She dreams of one day be part of famous advertising firm and we hope the best for here in future…Thanks Maddy Bertelsen for sharing such an useful and interesting article on Rushinformation

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