Google Chrome Updates are Disabled By the Administrator Fix

No doubt Google chrome is one of the leading and first preference as Internet Web browser among the Internet users across the Globe whether it be on Desktop or Smart phone. Google chrome offers handful list of features and is very reliable and stable offering minimum crashes as compared to other Internet Web browsers thereby making it as 1st choice among the Users. Therefore today considering the popularity and number of Google chrome users I am going to provide you with a simple fix for users facing issue while updating their installed existing version of Google Chrome and encountering “Updates are disabled by the administrator error”. So if you too are among those who wish to update your Google chrome web browser but not able to do so because of this “Google Chrome Updates are disabled by the administrator error” then don’t worry just follow the below given steps and you will be good to go ahead with updating Google Chrome Web browser. Check below on how to fix Google chrome updates are disabled by the administrator.

Google Chrome Updates are Disabled By the Administrator Fix

How to Fix Google Chrome Updates are Disabled by the Administrator Error – Steps to Follow

In order to get this issue resolved you are required to delete or modify the registry key values from the Windows Registry Editor and to do so just proceed with below given simple steps.

  • Open RUN command box by Pressing Windows + R button and type regedit and Hit Enter which will then navigate you to the Windows Registry Editor.

  • Now Here in the Windows Registry Editor you need to Navigate to the following Registry Key Path :


    • That’s it now on the right hand side window pane you will be seeing Key entries with names such as Update or UpdateDefault or UpdateAutomate.
  • So what you need to do is either you can delete these Key entries or better modify the value of these keys to value as 1 by performing a Right click over the Key and selecting Modify.


  • That’s it once you done with performing the changes at the Windows Registry Editor -> Close your Windows Registry Editor -> Close all your opened Google Chrome instances (if any) and open a Fresh instance of Google chrome and there you will be able to see Automatic updates being triggered now. If in case you still happen to face the same issue, please reach out to us by commenting below. Thanks!

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