Wii Error Code 51330, 52130, 52131, 52132, 52230 etc. FIXED

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Fix Wii Error Code 51330, 52130, 52131, 52132, 52230 etc. – Recently lot’s of user complaints have been logged regarding different sort of Wii Error codes that user’s are facing pertaining to issue with the authentication process between the Wii and wireless router or access point failed. Most of the time these error codes appear because of some misconfiguration within the router settings. Some of the most frequently Wii Error codes are 51330, 52130, 52131, 52132, 52230, 52231, 52232 etc. for which we have provided resolution that you may try in order to get your Wii issue resolved as soon as possible. But Before we proceed on further let’s get an overview of these different Wii Error codes and their possible causes for occurrence.

  • Significance Of Error Code 52130, 52131, 52132 – It appears that your Wii console’s Internet connection may be affected by wireless interference.
  • Significance Of Error Code 52230, 52231, 52232 – There appears to be an issue with your wireless router’s firewall.

How to Fix Wii Error Code 51330, 52130, 52131, 52132, 52230 etc. – Troubleshooting Steps

Well first of all you must understand that no direct single work around is available therefore you would need to go through series of alternatives until your issue is resolved permanently. So try the below mentioned methods to fix Wii Error and if you still face any issues post using the fixes then please let us know by dropping your query in comments below and will get back to you as soon as possible.

Fix Wii Error Code 51330, 52130, 52131, 52132, 52230

1) Check for your WiFi Internet Connection / Password

Make sure that Internet WiFi is working properly and you are using the right WiFi password on your Nintendo Wii as even slightest of mistake in your password can result into this error therefore it is better to cross verify your WiFi connection with your WiFi password. For testing purpose you can try connecting some other device to that same Internet WiFi for ensuring that everything is working fine without any issues. If you still face any issues even after using the right WiFi connection and WiFi password then please proceed on with the below mentioned fix.

2) Configure Manual IP Address and DNS Settings

This is one of the most preferred and reliable way of fixing these sort of Wii Internet connectivity error where we will be configuring IP address and DNS Settings manually instead of using Dynamic IP Address as while using Dynamic IP Address connection often doesn’t succeed. So try the below mentioned steps for configuring Manual IP Address and DNS Settings.

  • Open your Wii Menu -> Select System Settings -> With the Use of Left Stick Select Internet and Press A -> There now tap on Connect to the Internet -> Now Press X or tap Connections at the top right corner -> Tap on Internet connection which you want to use -> Tap on Change Settings -> Tap the arrow on the right and select IP Address -> There select Don’t Auto-Obtain and enter the IP Address manually by Tapping on IP Address -> Enter your IP Address and Remember 10 to the last number in the IP address listed in your PC.

For example if your system is displaying IP Address then you have to use the IP address as -> Similarly Enter Details for Subnet Mask as as in most cases it is the same -> Fill Gateway details as well similar to what is shown in your PC and click confirm.

  • After confirming IP Address details a message will appear on your screen asking you for configuring the DNS settings. There Tap Primary DNS and enter in –> Tap OK. Next Tap Secondary DNS and enter in –> Tap OK.
  • Once done just confirm and tap on save or press B button. Tap on Save again and Tap Connection Test to test your connection and confirm OK if connection is successful.

3) Reset Your Modem / Disable Router’s Firewall Protection

If nothing works out please try resetting your Internet modem which often helps to establish a new connection and there by minimizing the chances of facing Wii Error codes again. Also check for any active Firewall protection and if enabled please try disabling the firewall protection and then check if this resolves your Wii Error code or not.

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