How to Install Whatsapp on PC Using Android SDK Emulator ?

Whatsapp is currently the fastest growing social network with a database of over millions of users through out the world that has brought a new revolution in the field of social networking similar to what orkut and facebook did during their release time. Moreover Whatsapp has been acquired by Facebook few months ago for an incredible 19 billion USD and soon after the acquistion of whatsapp by facebook, Whatsapp officially released an update for changing the last seen settings or we can say privacy settings for which the users were waiting for a very long time and this step from Whatsapp also boosted their users network across the world. At present Whatsapp is officially available only for Mobile platforms i.e Google Android OS, Apple iOS, Windows Phone and Some nokia symbian OS Smartphone’s which is a point of concern as per its popularity.

How to Install Whatsapp on PC Using Android SDK ? – Despite of its immense popularity there are still thousands of users who wants to use whatsapp but can’t do it just because of unavailability of a whatsapp capable smartphone and therefore today I am going to tell you how you can use whatsapp regardless of the fact whether you own a smartphone or not but the online thing which you need is a Desktop PC or laptop with decent hardware configuration which I think is available for most of the users. So this means that there’s no point of spending extra bucks on purchasing a new smartphone just for the sake of running whatsapp if you own a computer, pc or laptop. I have already discussed in my previous article few months ago two popular methods i.e Use Whatsapp in PC with Bluestacks and without Bluestacks which are the best and easiest way of running whatsapp on pc without any difficulties. But still people are having difficulty installing Whatsapp on their PC and that’s because of the heavy system requirements demanded by Bluestacks and therefore for those users here is a perfect way of running whatsapp on PC using Android SDK emulator. Just follow the below given step by step tutorial on How to Install Whatsapp on PC using Android SDK Emulator.

How to Install Whatsapp on PC Using Android SDK Emulator ?

  • First of all you need to Download Android SDK Emulator on your PC – Download from here
  • Download the proper Android SDK Version depending upon your Windows i.e 32bit or 64bit selection.
  • After successful download just go to Android SDK downloaded content and extract it in your drive.
  • After complete Extraction you will see three folders namely Eclipse, SDK and SDK Manager.exe
  • Double Click on SDK Manager.exe and Go to Tools -> Manage AVD as shown below.

How to Install Whatsapp on PC Using Android SDK Emulator - Step 1

Note – If after running SDK Manager.exe you get Java Runtime Error then don’t worry Just download the Java Runtime Environment from here – Download Java JRE

  • Click on Add New and fill the AVD Details as shown below.

How to Install Whatsapp on PC Using Android SDK Emulator - Step 2

  • After filling all the details click on OK -> A new window will popup again Click on OK -> Now You will see the AVD that you have just created and select it and Click on Start button as shown below.

How to Install Whatsapp on PC Using Android SDK Emulator - Step 3

  • That’s it now be patient while your Android SDK Emulator runs.
  • You will get a virtual Android OS Feel like you are using Nexus 7 and here just swipe the lock to unlock and Go to Browser and download the Whatsapp APK File as shown below.

How to Install Whatsapp on PC Using Android SDK Emulator - Step 4

Note – Make Sure you are connected to Internet and please note that here you can’t download it from Playstore

  • Now you are 90% done and the rest 10% work involves Installing the Whatsapp from Downloaded APK file and Verify your number which is quite an easy process.
  • After Successful Installation just run Whatsapp from the Nexus 7 virtual Screen and accept the terms and condition after which you will be asked for verification of your mobile number.

Note – Enter your mobile number but since you don’t have any simcard installed in your Virtual Nexus 7 so here the Whatsapp SMS Verification won’t work therefore after selecting the SMS Verification option wait for 5 minutes and you will see another verification option that is Call me and just select that option isn’t this interesting!!! and you are all done.

  • Yooo!!! now you can enjoy Whatsapp on your PC via Android SDK Emulator.

I hope you find this article useful and Interesting and if in case you face any issues while installing whatsapp on pc using Android SDK Emulator then don’t worry just drop us your query by commenting below and i will try to reach you shortly…Thanks

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  1. thankyou …this works fast than any other emulators out there (bluestacks,andy using VM, youwave etc)


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