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Whatsapp Error 403, 413, 481, 491, 492, 495 FIXED

Whatsapp no longer needs any sort of introduction as we are already very much aware about Whatsapp and its popularity. Therefore here we are not for any kind of review or something else we are here to resolve some of the most common and recurring whatsapp issues i.e Whatsapp error codes that are faced by […] Read More

Whatsapp Error 927, 923, 920, 924, 910, 919 FIXED

Most of the errors that we usually face or commit are inevitable no matter how hard we try to prevent them. They have just become a part of our life so you should never be disappointed whenever you face any kind of error, just try to be calm and maintain patience because only after this […] Read More

How to Hide Whatsapp Images from Gallery in Android ?

We often use whatsapp for chatting, sharing images or videos among friends while having a conversation where some conversations means to be public and we often want to make sure that all the files that are shared during conversation remains private or hidden from gallery so no one can see them other than the phone […] Read More

Whatsapp Web Version for Windows PC Google Chrome

Whatsapp being the World’s most popular social networking app doesn’t need any sort of introduction having over 700 million users worldwide. Moreover most of us are already aware of the fact that Whatsapp has been acquired by Facebook recently for a huge $22 billion and since its acquistion we have witnessed lots of changes and […] Read More

How to Make Whatsapp Free for Lifetime Best Tricks

Whatsapp has become the world’s most popular instant messaging service after the company announcing a huge 700 million monthly active users. Moreover Whatsapp is one of the fastest growing social networking platform beating facebook. Basically Whatsapp is completely free to use social app for the first year and if you are lucky you will get […] Read More

Whatsapp for Firefox OS Smartphone’s Download / Install :

In the past few years an immense growth or we can say a boom has been seen in the mobile market both from the producers end as well as consumer’s side which has provided an entry path for thousands of new mobile manufacturing companies to setup their business by providing high class feature packed Smartphone’s […] Read More

How to Install Whatsapp on PC Using Android SDK Emulator ?

Whatsapp is currently the fastest growing social network with a database of over millions of users through out the world that has brought a new revolution in the field of social networking similar to what orkut and facebook did during their release time. Moreover Whatsapp has been acquired by Facebook few months ago for an […] Read More

How to Use Multiple Whatsapp Accounts on Android

I always keep getting mails from my readers asking for a way to run multiple whatsapp accounts on android device and is really a good point to think about that’s why i am here with you to share some useful tricks that will allow you to use multiple whatsapp accounts on single android device without […] Read More

Download Whatsapp for Java Mobile Phones : (Jar/Jad)

Whatsapp has become so popular that now a days everyone who owns a smartphone is looking for a way to install whatsapp on their smartphone or tablets inspite of knowing the fact that Whatsapp is currently available for all the Android, Windows, Apple iOS and some selected Java Handsets only that includes popular phones such […] Read More