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Have You Ever Thought to Surf or Browse the Internet in 3D ? – Read this Post to Know How to Surf or Browse the Internet in 3D without Spending Money.Nowadays Watching Movies or Video Clips or Images in 3D View is Becoming Very Popular all over the World .You Must Have Watched a Lot of Movies in 3D in Cinemas or Theaters or Even at 3D Monitors But What if You Don’t Have your Own 3D Monitor and Wants to Experience the 3D Effect While Surfing the Internet.So Here in this Post I am Going to Tell you How to Surf the Internet in 3D View to Enhance Your Viewing Experience by Using Google Chrome Browser.The Only Thing You Need to Surf or Browse the Internet in 3D is to Download and Install the Extension 3Dnator in Your Google Chrome Plus 3D Glasses i.e Red/Cyan Glasses.

Basic Requirements to Browse the Internet in 3D

  • Google Chrome Browser Installed in Your Computer.
  • 3Dnator Extension installed on Your Google Chrome (See at the Bottom to Download and Install 3Dnator).
  • 3D Glasses i.e Red/Cyan Glasses to View 3D Images.

3Dnator Review – Create  Stereoscopic 3D Object From Any Image.

  • 3Dnator is a Free Google Chrome Extension that Converts the Webpages View From 2D to 3D Completely.
  • Adds A Button to Your Browser After Installing the Extension So that You Can Easily Transform the View of Your Webpage From 2D to 3D with Just Simple One Click.
  • If You Want to View Individual Images or Pictures in 3D you Just Need to Select those Images and Right Click on them and then Select 3Dnator Option From the Menu and a New Window Will Open Showing You the Desired 3D Image.

Screenshot Showing Preview of Working of 3DnatorBrowse the Internet in 3d

Free Download and Install 3Dnator Extension For Your Google Chrome


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