How to Encrypt Files in Linux or Windows 7

How to Encrypt Files in Linux or Windows 7 ? – Encrypting Sensitive Files Becomes Very Important  in order to Prevent their Unauthorized Use or Access by other People without Your Permission.So Here in this Post I am Going to Tell you a very Simple Method by which you can easily Enrypt or Decrypt Your Files in Linux , Windows 7 etc by Using AES Encrypt Software Utility.AES Encrypt is a FreeWare Software Utility by which you easily encrypt your Important Files and thus Preventing their Unauthorized Use.AES Encrypt Uses Powerful 256 bit Encryption Algorithm to Encrypt the Files .So there is no need to worry about their Unauthorized Use Anymore.AES basically stands for Advanced Encryption Standard specifying Encryption of Electronic Data as Governed by U.S. National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) in 2001 Learn More About AES from Here . AES Encrypt  Utility also Uses the Same Advanced Encryption Standard for Encrypting the Files.There is no Need to being an Expert to Use this Software Anyone having basic Knowledge of Computer Can easily Use this Software. By the Use of AES Encrypt Utility you can easily encrypt the files Through One Right Click from the File Context Menu and thus Setting the Desired Password of your Choice.So here  is a Step by step Guide on How to Encrypt Files in Linux or Windows 7 Using AES Encrypt Software

Unique Feature of AES Encrypt

  • Uses Powerful 256-bit Encryption Algorithm to Encrypt Files
  • Completely Free Open Source Software – Freely Use this Software for Both Commercial as well as Personal Uses
  • User Friendly Interface and Very Simple to Use
  • Available on Mostly all Major Platforms Including Several Operating Systems And Android too
  • No Need of being an Expert to Use this Software
  • Perfect Tool for Anyone Who wants to Protect their Sensitive Files From their Miss-Use

How to Encrypt Files in Linux ,Windows 7 – Steps to Follow

  • To Encrypt and Decrypt Files You just Need to Download AES Encrypt and Install it on your Computer and then Follow the Below given Steps ( You can Download AES Encrypt From the Download Link Given Below in the Post )
  • If Your Using Linux or Microsoft Windows then You Can Simply Encrypt Your Files by Performing a Right Click on that File and Thus Selecting Open Files with AES Encrypt and then it will ask you to set a Password and You are all done as shown below How to Encrypt Files in Linux How to Encrypt Files in Linux
  • If You are Using Mac then You can Simply drag the File to AES Encrypt and then Setting up the Password for Your File
  • You can Even Use Command Line to Encrypt or Decrypt Your Files.For this You just have to use the Command ‘aescrypt‘ with the name of file and password to Encrypt or Decrypt the Files Learn More About Command Line Option From Here


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