Thumbs Database File Delete (Thumbs.db): FIXED

What are Thumbs Database File ?

Thumbs Database Files represented as Thumbs.db are basically small files that generally stores thumbnails of Images,Video Clips,Documents or any other Graphics and thus generating Preview of these Files or Folders using the Thumbnail Caching.They can be found in any Windows Directory that Contains Thumbnails and these Thumbs.db files are generally Hidden by default in Windows Unless You Turnoff the Option “Hide protected operating system files”  Manually.Whenever thumbnail View is enabled they are automatically Created in the Same Directory where they are Viewed.

What is the Use of Thumbs.db Files ?

The Main Purpose of Thumbs.db files is to Increase CPU Processing and thus decreasing the Load time of the Folder that contains a large number of Files and it is set to Display the files as thumbnails.Therefore these files works as for Caching Purposes and thus Increasing System Speed.

Are thumbs.db Files Harmful or Contain Viruses ?

Absolutely NO , There is No Virus in these Files and They are Fully Harmless.So You Don’t need to Worry About Them

Can Thumbs.db Files be Deleted and Permanently Removed ?

YES , they can be easily Deleted from the File Directory and You can Even Disable these thumbs.db file so that they will be never Created in that Directory

How to Delete or Disable Thumbs Database Files ?

As I have Stated Above that Thumbs.db files are Automatically Recreated Every-time Whenever thumbnail view is enabled . So In-order to Remove them You have to Disable Thumbs.db Files so that they will be never Created Again.So here below is a Step by Step Guide to Disable Thumbs.db Files Permanently

Thumbs Database File Delete (Thumbs.db) – Windows 7 / Vista :

  • First of All Go to Start -> Accessories -> System Tools -> Disk Clean Up
  • Now Select the Windows Directory and Click OK and Wait for Few Seconds till it Calculates all the Files to be Removed
  • Now Check Mark Thumbnails Box and Click on OK As Shown BelowThumbs Database File Delete
  • A Warning Box Will open Specifying ‘Are You Sure You Want to Permanently Delete these Files’ and Select Delete FilesThumbs Database File Delete
  • You are all done You have Successfully Deleted Thumbs.db Files

How to Disable Thumbs.db File – Windows XP

  • First of all Open My Computer
  • Now Click on Tools
  • Select Folder Options
  • Go to View Tab
  • Now Check Mark in front of the Box  “Do not cache thumbnails” as shown belowThumbs
  • Click OK and You are all done

How to Disable Thumbs.db File – Windows 8/Windows 7 / Vista

  • First of all Open My Computer
  • Now to Go to Organize and Click there
  • Select Folder and Search Options
  • Now Go to View Tab
  • Now Check Mark in Front of the Box “Always Show Icons,Never Thumbnails”Thumbs Database File Delete
  • Click OK and You are all done

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