How to fix Camera Error Can’t Connect to Camera Android

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Today almost every new smartphone that is launched comes with Google Android Operating System that has brought a new revolution in the field of mobile technology and mobile products since its release. I have been using an Android Smartphone for over 2 years and my experience has really been great whether it be while using Samsung Galaxy POP or now MOTO G. During my usage over these 2 years period I have learned a lot about Android OS and also have faced some serious errors sometimes related with Google Android OS Software and sometimes with mobile hardware and most surprisingly all the time i have been able to fix the issue by myself with my own past experiences and with the help of forums especially XDA Developers forum one of my favorite forum. I have already discussed about some of the most common android errors earlier in my post like Unfortunately Google Playstore has stopped Working, Google Android Error 403 while updating or downloading Apps etc and therefore once again here I am to discuss one another popular issue that is Camera Error Can’t connect to camera while trying to open Camera App in Android Smartphone.

Though this error is like something that comes and goes automatically but there are some situations when you won’t get rid of this error no matter how much you wait or how many times you try to open the same camera app this has what happened with me recently while using my android smartphone and that’s why I am here to tell how I fixed this issue and how you can fix the same Camera Error Can’t Connect to Camera in Android. While searching over internet you will notice that this error has been faced mostly by those who are having Google Nexus 5 Smartphone but since this is not an hardware issue so no matter which android smartphone you are using you can still face this error therefore if you are facing this Camera Error can’t connect to camera then you don’t need to worry anymore just follow the below mentioned fixes and i am sure you will no longer face the same error in future.

How to FIX Camera Error Can’t Connect to Camera Android ?

Generally what happens is that when you try to open Camera App you end up facing ‘Can’t connect to camera’ which is very unfortunate to face and most of the time switching to home screen and back to the app resolves the issue but not in every case. So just follow the below given fixes one by one until your issue is resolved.

Camera Error Can't Connect to Camera error fix

Possible Reasons for this Error :

  • You haven’t closed the app properly just pressed the home screen button to fasten the process instead of using the back button.
  • There might be apps conflict where some other apps might be using the Camera.

Method -1 : Quickest One (Temporary)

  • If you are in hurry and want to click some snaps without spending too much time on fixing the issue then this is the best and fastest way to go through.
  • Completely Exit the App and Try relaunching the App Once Again hope this time you won’t face the same error.
  • Check for other apps that might be using camera in Running Apps list and try closing them first. Go to Settings>Battery and check if mm-qcamera-daemon  is running kill this app and then try running Camera Application once again.

Method – 2 : Permanent One

The above mentioned methods are some temporary ways to fix the issue and won’t help in case of serious issue therefore in such case what you need to do is to try clearing your Camera App Old Cache and Data. It has the highest success rate and is good in long term effect.

  • Go your Android Phone Settings -> Apps -> ALL -> Select Camera.

Camera Error Can't Connect to Camera error fix - 1

  • Here Just Click on Clear data and Clear Cache as shown below.

Camera Error Can't Connect to Camera error fix - 1

  • That’s it now you will no longer face the same error in future.

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  1. Wonderful..
    Tried the permanent solution u provided & it worked like a charm..!
    Thanks a lot..

  2. Try to take it out simcard then bring it back. Open now your camera.

  3. Even i had the same problem, but i got a different solution, the problem was the external memory card of 8gb, i had done factory reset and had removed memory card later the camera worked perfectly so i put back the memory card and again the camera did not operate i got confused then i thought it may be my memory card so i removed and VOLA! it worked! awesome!

  4. That’s very useful. Thanks a lot 😀

  5. I did wharever u suggested from clearing deta n cache to remove memory card.. But camera still showing same message

  6. open up your devices and check if the screws that holds the camera are fully inserted!!!

    it works for me … i had same problem with the front camera “Can’t connect to camera”.


    1. Correct…i agree.

  7. I have lenovo k3 set camera have an error I go to setting and after that app choose All but camera option can not be find plz help to support my camera open

  8. Thanks a lot,You saved my Life man!!

  9. it has worked for me.

  10. try to remove your battery without turning your phone off.
    It has worked for me.

  11. Camera loose connection, So open mobile and unplug&plug camera cable inside.

    I’m solved this issue my mobile with same issue.


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