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What is PowToon ?

PowToon is an Amazing Online Software that allows you to create cool animated videos and Presentations online within a few minutes.You can create animated videos and Presentations easily with the help of Powtoon even if you don’t know designing and animation.It is the best online tool to create Presenatitions for your Business , Social Marketing , Product Reviews and much more.Though it does not have the features of creating Profession Complex motion graphics videos or Presentations but still it is perfect for creating Simple Flash Movies or Presentations.It is best suited for Small business owners and marketers to expand their Business by easily creating animated presentations for their Product demos and their Reviews.powtoon

Unique Features of PowToon

  • It is very Simple and Easy to use.You can create cool Presentations even if you have no knowledge of animation and designing
    • You can easily share your Presentation on YouTube , Facebook and twitter using the share option
  • Fully loaded with Templates and Libraries to give an amazing experience while creating animated Presentations
  • Best suited for Small Business Owners and Marketers
  • Best Free Online tool all over the Internet to Create Professional Looking Presentations
  • It easily Integrates with Google Drive

Understanding PowToon User Interface

As we have discussed earlier it is very simple to use and the main reason for its simplicity is its User Friendly Interface.You just need to select a template and the type of Powtoon you want to create  i.e Presentation or Movie by providing a name with some description.Now Click on the edit button and it will open a new window asking to select the type of template.After selecting the template you will be provided with a bunch of easy tools and controls.Lets get familiar to these Controls Step by Step

  • On the top of PowToon you will see a Toolbar containing buttons like New , Save ,Open,Close,Undo or Redo, Cut , Copy ,Import ,Export , Share etc.On the left hand side it contains a slide pane having options to choose between Presentation or Movie , Clone Objects etc. On the right hand side you will see a Slide style Selector where you can choose the type of slide style you want to have for your presentationpowtoon
  • The most Important and Useful control in PowToon is PowToon Timeline which has basically the time functionality allowing you to Assign the time for each slide or object.Choose object entry and exit timings using Timeline.On the right hand side it contains (+) and (-) buttons by which you can Add or Remove a Second from the slides per click

Note – PowToon is available in three Versions – FREE , PROFESSIONAL , AGENCY

Visit POWTOON OFFICIAL WEBSITE for More Information and to create your own Animated Presentations

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