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No doubt Internet download manager is world’s most popular and widely used third party download manager application offering lightning fast downloading speeds. IDM claims to provide 5 times faster speed as compared to other download managers. IDM has everything what a user expects from a usual downloading software like options for resuming, scheduling and organizing downloads etc. What is more interesting about IDM is that it integrates well with all the popular web browsers like Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera Mini, Internet Explorer etc. Overall IDM is a perfect tool for downloading any type of files over the Internet but there are few cases when IDM fails to download files where IDM often stuck around 99% while downloading files. Getting downloads stuck at 99.99% can be really frustrating especially while downloading files of large sizes so if you are the one whose IDM downloading is stuck at 99.99% and are looking for IDM 99.99 stuck fix then here below is the perfect solution for your issue.

Possible Reasons for IDM Stuck at 99.99% :

  • If you are using too old IDM versions then there are likely chances that you may end up facing IDM stuck at 99.99% issue.
    • IDM is having conflict issues with other applications installed in system especially third party anti viruses or firewalls.

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How to Fix IDM Stuck at 99.99% Downloading : Steps to Follow

In most of the cases it has been observed that the downloading process begins smoothly and proceeds in a normal fashion until coming around 95-99% where suddenly the downloading speeds starts dropping and finally ending up at 0 kb/s which looks really absurd. So if you are the one facing the same IDM stuck at 99.99% issue then just follow the below given fixes and hopefully your problem gets resolved.

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Important :

It is better that you should use the latest IDM version and if you don’t have the latest IDM version then just drop me a comment with your email id and I will mail you the latest IDM version.

Fix – 1 : Check for Internal Conflicts

As I mentioned above this issues arises because of internal conflicts between IDM and third party applications like anti-viruses or windows firewall. These firewalls or anti-viruses are responsible for monitoring or controlling network downloading process and writing data to disks which results in interference in opening network connections and file creation process ultimately leading to IDM stuck at 99.99% error. So try to disable your anti-viruses and windows firewall and check if that helps. If after disabling your antivirus and windows firewall you still face the issue of IDM download stuck at 99% then proceed with the following alternative fix.

Fix – 2 : Generating New Download link

If your problem is not resolved with the above given solution then just follow the below given instructions where we are going to use a new download link to resume the downloading process.

  • Open your IDM dashboard and go to the file which is stuck at 99% and right click on that file -> Select Properties.
  • Here now copy the link shown besides the Referrer section as shown below in the screen shot.

IDM Stuck at 99.99%

  • Now open your web browser and paste the link in the URL section and Hit Enter which will redirect you to the same download page and a new download notification will open, from there just copy the URL as shown below in the screen shot.

IDM Stuck at 99%

  • Again open your IDM dashboard and go to the file which is stuck at 99% and right click on that file -> Select Properties.
  • Here now paste that URL in the Address section and Click on Ok.
  • That’s it now resume the downloading process again and check if your downloading resumes or not.

I hope you find this article helpful and in case of any queries or difficulties you may feel free to ask by commenting below…Thanks

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