How to Show Hidden Files on Flash Drive : FIXED

Have You Ever Faced an Issue like You have Saved data on Your Flash Drive and When Connected to Computer it Shows the Flash Drive Empty ? – So Here in this Post I am Going to Tell you the Whole Procedure to Fix this Issue i.e How to Show Hidden Files on Flash Drive.Most of the Users try Reconnecting the Flash Drive again and again and Even they try Formatting the Flash Drive thinking the Flash Drive to be Faulty.So Before Formatting You must Verify and Perform all the Diagnosis to Fix this Issue.You see some occupied space in Flash Drive but When You open it you find it empty.Even after Enabling the Option Show Hidden Files in Windows the Flash Drive still appears to be Empty.This is generally Caused by Virus that basically Hides your Data Completely making it invisible.So Here is a Step by Step Guide on How Show Hidden Files on Flash Drive Using Command Prompt.

How to Show Hidden Files on Flash Drive : Steps to Follow

  • First of all Go to Start and then Open cmd ( Command Prompt ) as an Administrator by typing cmd in RUN Dialog Box
  • Type the Flash Drive Drive Letter i.e. For Example if Drive Letter is E Type e: and Press Enter
  • Next Type ‘dir\a:e’ Without Using the Quotes Here dir stands For Directory and the Command \a:m is Used to Show Hidden Files Only
  • After Seeing the Hidden Contents in Flash Drive Under Cmd now we need to Make them Visible in Windows
  • Type attri -h -s -r *.* ( Remember the Spaces between the Characters) and then Press Enter as shown below in the ImageHow to Show Hidden Files on Flash Drive

Info – attri Means Attributes , -h is Used to Remove Hidden Property on the Files Present , -s is Used for Deactivating properties set as system Files , -r Signifies Removing Read Only Properties , *.* Signifies a String of Characters Used for Identifying the Name of Files Present in the Flash Drive

Note – If you find any mailicious aur suspicious Files you can delete that file by typing the Command del followed by the Extension of that File for Example – del Suspicious.exe

  • Type ‘exit’ without Using Quotes to Exit from Cmd
  • Now Go to My Computer and Open Your Flash Drive and You Will find Your hidden data it will be recovered and will now be displaying
  • That’s all and You are all done

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  1. Just wanted to say thanks alot. Worked like a charm.


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