How To Change MailTo Behavior in Windows 8 or Windows 7

The MailTo is A Special Scheme Definition for Simple Mail Transfer Protocol ( SMTP) email Addresses.Mailto Feature Allows you to Click a link on a Website in order to Send Direct Emails Without having to Copy the Destination Email addresses and Use it in the Email Client and thus saving Time But it Comes with Some Major Functionality and Security and Privacy Issues like these MailTo Clickable Links Does not Work or Function Properly all the Time For all the Site Visitors.It Requires a Default Email Client to be established on the Computer It can be a simple Program that is Using SMTP to send Emails.A MailTo Behaviour Basically Defines how does the Windows Handles the Mailto Link When it Is Clicked . Its Default Behaviour gets Changed Every Time Whenever a New Program is Installed in the Windows But You can Change this Default Mailto Behaviour Manually.So Here is a Step By Step Guide to Change MailTo Behaviour In Windows 8

How To Change MailTo Behavior in Windows 8 or Windows 7 : Steps to Follow

Note – Same Steps Applies to Both Microsoft Windows 8 and Windows 7 Here We have Used Images by Performing these Steps in Microsoft Windows 7 and the Same Applies to Microsoft Windows 8

  • First of All You need to Open Control Panel In Windows.Press CTRL + X To Open Control Panel Directly
  • Now Click on Programs and Then Under Default Programs Select “Make a file type always open in a specific program” as shown belowHow To Change MailTo Behavior in Windows 8
  • Wait For Few Seconds Till it Loads all the Extensions and Then Search For MailTo It is Generally Located at the Bottom So Scroll Down to Bottom and Select MailTo as shown belowHow To Change MailTo Behavior in Windows 8
  • After Selecting MailTo Perform a Double Click on that and A new Window will Pop Up asking you How do you want to Open this Type of Link(MailTo)How To Change MailTo Behavior in Windows 8
  • Pick any One of Your Choice and Select Ok
  • Thats all and You are all Done

Learn More About MailTo From Here

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