Hide and Lock Files Windows Using Wise Folder Hider

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Hide and Lock Files Becomes necessary when you want to Maintain Privacy of Your Content and Don’t want these files to Share with other people or wants to Prevent their Unauthorized Use Without Your Permission.So in this Post I am Going to Solve your Problem of Hiding and Locking your Important Files through the Use of Wise Folder Hider Software.As We all are already Aware of Hiding Important Files and Folder through Windows Default Hide Settings but it is not fully safe enough to ensure full Privacy to Your Files therefore Wise Folder Hider a Free to Use Software Solves this Problem by Providing Full Security to Your Hidden Files and Locking them with a Password.Here Below are Some Key Features of Wise Folder Hider and Step by Step Guide on How to Hide and Lock Files in Windows Using Wise Folder Hider.

Unique Features of Wise Folder Hider

  • It is Absolutely FREE of Cost with regular Updates and full Basic Technical Support
  • You Can Easily Hide Your Important and Sensitive Data i.e Videos,Documents,Files etc
  • It Offers Double Password Protection – One For Logging into Wise Folder Hider Account and Secondary Password to Hide or Unhide Your Private Data
  • Fully Supports Drag and Drop option and thus You can simply drag and drop the files into Wise Folder Hider in-order to Hide or Lock them.Available in Microsoft Windows 8 / Windows 7/ Vista  ( Only When UAC is Disabled Unless it Will not Work ) / XP
  • You can Simply Right Click on the File that you want to Hide and Select Wise Folder Hider from the Context Menu without having to Open Wise Folder Hider .You can Access or Unhide these files only after Logging into Wise Folder Hider
  • Fully Supports USB Drives Except External Hard disks.The Main advantage of WFH as compared to other tools is that it can Even hide the Whole Directory of Removable USB Drive as well hiding files and Folders within the USB Drive
  • User Friendly Interface and Very Simple and Easy to Use

How to Hide and Lock Files Using Wise Folder Hider

  • First of all You need to Download Wise Folder Hider and Install it to Your Computer ( Download Link )
  • After Installing Wise Folder Hider It will ask you For a Password when You open it for the First Time and this password will be used whenever you will Open Wise Folder Hider Again as shown belowHide and Lock Files
  • Now You can select From Hide File , Hide Folder or Hide USB Drive options and Hide them and Even set a Password for them as Shown Below  Hide and Lock Files
  • Thats all You are all done and Now Your Content is Full Secured
  • You can Unhide the Files or Folders Again after opening Wise Folder Hacker and Then Selecting Unhide Option as Shown below Wise 3

Free Download Wise Folder Hider From Here

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