Audio Normalization and Audio Out of sync Fix in VLC Media Player

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Audio Normalization and Audio Out of sync Fix

Audio Normalization is a process of achieving constant audio volume during watching video clips or movies that includes Loud explosion effects ,music etc . So audio normalization becomes necessary for such kind of video clips or movies in order to prevent adjusting the volume again and again in between watching the video . Sometimes the volume gets very soft and sometimes very loud thus it can be fixed by audio normalization. VLC Media player is the best free media player to watch movies as it is capable of  running all kind of video formats(MPEG-1, MPEG-2, MPEG-4, DivX, MP3,MKV etc) .VLC Media player has got various options for performing Audio Normalization to provide a  constant audio volume. So here are some simple steps in order to adjust the volume. You can download the latest VLC Media player from here ( Download Link)

Steps to Follow to Normalize the Audio in VLC Media Player :

1) First open the VLC Media Player

2) Now go to Preferences by pressing Ctrl + P or you can go to tools and then select Preferences.

3) In the Preferences windows you will see Audio option  on the left hand side and select the audio option

4) Now check mark the Normalize effects volume box and set the value to 1.6

5) On the bottom left hand side you will see show settings option and click on ALL

6) Now in the Audio section click Filter and check mark volume normalizer box and check that normvol is added to the box

7) Expand Filters and Select Volume Normalizer

8) Set the Value of Number of Audio buffers to 10

9) Set the value of Maximum volume level to 1.6

10) Now Click on save and exit the VLC Media Player

11) Restart VLC Media player ( Must be restarted in order to effects to take place ) and you are done with audio normalization

Fixing Audio Out of Sync ( Simple Keyboard Shortcuts)

If you are experiencing that audio is not matching with the video or it is out of sync than you try the following steps to fix this problem.

Steps to Perform :

1) You can try keyboard shortcuts Ctrl + K and Ctrl + L

2)  Ctrl + K will increase the delay and Ctrl + L will decrease the delay

3) The delay will be of 50ms(milliseconds) by default so you can try adjusting the audio by pressing the keyboard shortcuts one by one  to make audio in sync with the video

* Enjoy watching Movies or video clips without having to adjust volume again and again

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