MTNL Broadband Plans 2016 – Delhi and Mumbai

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MTNL Broadband Plans 2016 : Mahanagar Telephone Nigam Limited or MTNL is quite famous for its telephone as well as Internet services.  However, as of now the services are restricted to major cities like Mumbai and Region. Basically, it is a state owned provider in New Delhi and Mumbai and also in Africa’s Mauritius.

Even after MTNL suffered from many losses as well as revenue, it didn’t step back of the increasing competition that is taking place in telecommunication field. It has perfectly managed its services and continues to provide uninterrupted 24/7 services with complete customer care support. Government of India founded MTNL on the 1st of April 1986 as they had an aim to upgrade the quality of telecom services as well as expand the telecom network. Since then, new services are constantly being introduced and revenue is being raised in the telecom department in India’s major metro cities Mumbai and New Delhi. Check MTNL Broadband Plans 2016 for Delhi and Mumbai from here.

Thus, if you are staying in India either in Delhi or Mumbai and if you want a good broadband connection, then do opt for MTNL as it is a very reliable company, since it is owned by the State Government and offers affordable MTNL Broadband plans 2016 to cater to the customers. When you compare the plans to other telecom operators, you would definitely find these plans better.

In previous posts, MTNL Broadband Plans 2014 were listed already for Mumbai and Delhi based customers. Today, we have brought for you MTNL Broadband plans 2016 for all Delhi and Mumbai users that cover major combo, postpaid as well as prepaid usage.

Great flexibility and diversity is offered by MTNL when it comes to Broadband plans for Mumbai and Delhi users. You can get several broadband plans to choose from. Mumbai users get loads of plans to choose from as compared to Delhi users, since they have limited plans. In Delhi, the max speed of internet is 4Mbps, while in Mumbai owing to Fiber cable, speeds of 100Mbps can be enjoyed by the users. Even the uploading speed of 20Mbps can be enjoyed. Given below are all MTN L Broadband plans 2016:

MTNL Broadband Plans 2016 For MTNL Delhi and MTNL Mumbai : Check Below

MTNL Delhi Broadband Plans 2016 Postpaid : Unlimited Internet Broadband Plans Postpaid Delhi 2016

Given below are some plans that Delhi users can enjoy:

  • Unlimited Broadband Tariff Plans for Delhi

MTNL Broadband Plans 2016 - MTNL Delhi Broadband Unlimited Plans 2016

  • Freedom Internet Plan and Night Usage Tariff Plans

Fair(Freedom Plan) and Time Usage Based Unlimited Postpaid Tariff Plans you can refer to the official MTNL Delhi Broadband Plans site from below given link :

MTNL Delhi Broadband Plans 2016 Prepaid : Unlimited Internet Broadband Plans Prepaid Delhi 2016

MTNL Delhi Prepaid Broadband Plans 2016

MTNL Mumbai Broadband Plans 2016 : Unlimited Internet Broadband Plans Mumbai 2016

Given below are some plans that Mumbai users can enjoy:

1.Bullet Unlimited Plans (Combo & Non-Combo)- 2Mbps

MTNL Broadband Plans 2016 - MTNL Mumbai Broadband Plans 2016

2. Xpress Unlimited Plans (Combo & Non-Combo)- 4Mbps


3. High Speed Broadband Plan (Combo & Non-Combo) – 6Mbps


4. Bullet Unlimited Plans(Combo & Non-Combo)- 8mbps


5. High Speed Broadband Plans (Combo & Non-Combo) – 10 tp 100Mbps


6. Broadband Data Top Ups


7. Broadband Prepaid Vouchers


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