How to Download Torrents on iPhone/iPad/iPod iOS Devices

Torrents have become so much popular now a days that You get all the Media Content that you wish to download at one single place by which you can easily download by means of Using Torrent Clients.You will find lots of websites that provides you free torrents but for that you need to have a Torrent Client if you want to download these torrents.There are lots of Bit torrent Clients available for Windows PC or Android OS Users But Unfortunately there is no Official App or Bit-torrent Client for Apple iPhone/iPad iOS Devices.Apple refused to approve bit-torrent client App for its App Store by saying this “category of applications is often used for the purpose of infringing third-party rights” But don’t worry you can still download all your Favorite torrents on Your Apple iPhone/iPad iOS Devices Directly either by Using ZBIGZ Server without jail-breaking your iOS Device or by Using Third party apps that requires jail-breaking.So Here I am going to Share both of the Working methods with you.Read the Full Guide on How to Download Torrents on iPhone,iPad,iPod iOS Devices.

Note – We Recommend You to Take Advantage of Wi-Fi Only Mode whenever Possible so as Get the Fastest Performance and thus Saving Your Mobile Internet Data Charges and Battery Usage.

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Method – 1 : Using ZBIGZ Recommended (No Jailbreaking)

ZBIGZ is an Online Bit-torrent Client one of the Most Popular and Widely Used Server Site for Downloading Torrent Files directly from the Web Browser without using any Third Party Bit-torrent App.It provides access to Download All kinds of Files i.e Movies,Music,Books and much more with Completely Anonymous Downloading by Establishing a Safe and Secure Connection Protected with HTTPS Protocol.Follow the Instructions to learn How to Download Torrents on iPhone,iPad,iPod iOS Devices.

Note – ZBIGZ Provides Two types of Downloading Options i.e Free User and Premium User.Free User Account is Having Few Restrictions like Maximum Download Speed 150kbps and Maximum File Size is 1GB Whereas For Premium User Account There is No Such type of Restriction in Download Speed You can Download at Unlimited Speed.

How to Download Torrents on iPhone / iPad / iPod Using ZBIGZ:

  • Download the Torrent File or Copy the Torrent Magnet Link.
  • Go To ZBIGZ Website and Upload or Paste the Magnet Link of the Torrent File that you want to Download and Click on Go.

ZBIGZ - Step 1

  • Select the Account Type From FREE or Premium.

ZBIGZ - Step 2

  • Now Wait For Caching of the Torrent File which usually takes less than a Minute to Cache the Torrent File.

ZBIGZ - Step 3

  • After the Caching is Completed You Will See an Option to Download as Zip file as shown below in the Image.

ZBIGZ - Step 4

  • Tap on the Zip Icon and Your File Downloading will be started.
  • That’s all and You are all done.

Method – 2 : Third Party App (Jailbreaking Required)

If you have a jailbreaked iPhone/iPad/iPod Device then I would say you should follow this method.Bittorrent client app that was rejected by apple did not allows any P2P Download directly to your phone so here we are going to use your iPhone’s browser by taking help of WebUI.Some of the Common Used Web UI’s are iTransmission,Vuze etc.So Here I am going to tell you How to Download Torrents on iPhone/iPad iOS Devices via iTransmission.iTransmission is still in developing phase therefore you might face some annoying bugs but don’t worry it works very well without any problem.

How to Download Torrents on iPhone,iPad,iPod iOS Devices

Note – Your iPhone/iPad/iPod must be Jailbreaked to Use iTransmission.

How to Download Torrents on iPhone/iPad/iPod Using iTransmission :

  • First of all to Install iTransmission you need to install certain repo – Install From Here

Note –  You have to Download it from Cydia App store so Launch Cydia and go to Manage -> Sources -> Add and add the above repo

  • After the Repo is added just Install iTransmission.
  • Now Open iTransmission from Your Springboard.

iTransmission - Step 1

  • Here Click on the + Button to Add your Torrent where you can Select From URL,Filesystem or Magnet link.

iTransmission - Step 2

  • Click on Add URL and paste the Torrent URL and Click OK

iTransmission - Step 3

  • Now you will find torrent added on your main menu which will be initially paused so just tap on the Resume button to start downloading the torrents.
  • That’s all and You are all done.

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