ZBIGZ Alternatives 2013 / 2014|Sites Like ZBIGZ |Faster Downloads

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ZBIGZ Alternatives 2013 – 2014 |Sites Like ZBIGZ |Faster Downloads : No Doubt ZBIGZ is one of the Most Popular and Widely Used Server Site for Downloading Torrent Files at a much faster speed as compared to normal Bit Torrent Clients through Your Favorite Download Manager.ZBIGZ provides access to Download All kinds of Files i.e Movies,Music,Books and much more with Completely Anonymous Downloading by Establishing a Safe and Secure Connection Protected with HTTPS Protocol. How to Boost and Increase Your Internet Speed But Still Owing Such Great and Amazing features it suffers from a major drawback that is its Restriction Over Max File Download Size and Download Speed for FREE Users which means that to enjoy or Access Unlimited Downloading at faster speed you need to become a PREMIUM User which is not Possible for each User .

Here I am Going to share some of the Best ZBIGZ Alternatives 2014 that allows less restriction for downloading files and much faster downloading speed. How to Download Torrent Files Using IDM ZBIGZ has recently limited the Maximum Download Size of a File upto 1GB only so it is of no use for users who are wishing to Download Files larger than 1GB.ZBIGZ Offers Unlimited Downloading Speed for all its Premium Users and for FREE Users the Downloading Speed is much below than 100Kbps. Despicable Me for PC FREE Download I was using ZBIGZ for a Long time as a FREE User and very much happy with their free servicing But after all new restrictions I have stopped Using ZBIGZ and instead of ZBIGZ I am Using Other Popular ZBIG Alternatives 2013 i.e Sites similar to ZBIGZ that offers minimum Restriction for Downloading any kind of torrent files.Lets take a look at Some of the Popular ZBIGZ Alternatives 2014.Pattern Lock for Windows 7/8/XP/Vista

Note – Important

It is not necessary that You Always Use these sites for downloading torrent files because there are some restrictions in each Site So Use it only for torrent with low seeds or peers.Never Use it for Downloading Torrent files with good amount of seeds and peers.So here we present ZBIGZ Alternatives 2013.

ZBIGZ Alternatives 2013 – 2014 | Sites Like ZBIGZ | Faster Downloads

Putdrive : Best ZBIGZ Alternatives

Putdrive is all new Cloud Storage service that offers you to Download Files from over 85 Files Hosting Servers for FREE.You can Download all your Favorite Torrent Files,Movies,Videos plus much more.In todays date Putdrive is the best ZBIGZ Alternative with minimum or zero restrictions on Downloading Large files.Putrive is very simple and easy to use you just need to Copy and paste the URL of the file that you are wishing to download and it will be downloaded to Your Putdrive Cloud Storage Account and from their You can Easily Download your files via your Download Manager. How to Edit PDF Files For Free Online – Useful Tips  Completely Anonymous downloading similar to ZBIGZ so you don’t need to take care much about your privacy or anything else.All your details will be hidden and will not be shared with anyone. How to Check IRCTC PNR Status : Best Ways  The best part of using Putdrive is that it allows you to download torrent files without any problem you can easily download your favorite torrents by Using the Magnet link or Torrent link or Torrent file or the URL where the Torrent magnet link is hosted.

Putdrive : ZBIGZ Alternatives 2013

How to Use Putdrive to Download Torrent Files or Anyother File :

  • Login to Your Account and Click on Put Files Tab.
  • Here Just Paste the Torrent Magnet link or URL.
  • Click on “Start Putting” and wait for few minutes till it gets downloaded to your Putdrive Cloud Storage Account.
  • After Downloading into your Cloud Account just download the file from there using your Download Manager.
  • That’s all and You are all done.

Note – Putdrive is Offering FREE 100GB Trial Usage and storage valid for 45days only for all new registered Users without any restrictions on downloading speed.So Use it Fully till your 100GB Expires and then after that Your Storage will be limited to 2GB.Don’t worry just create another account if you wish to download larger files again.

Bytebx : Online Cloud Storage

Bytebx is another similar site like ZBIGZ that offers Downloading your files through your download manager by using the Online Cloud Storage.It works similar to ZBIGZ allowing you to download Torrent Files via Download Manager.Bytebx is much powerful than ZBIGZ with fewer restrictions as compared to ZBIGZ.Upload Files from your Computer,Server or Bit torrent networks and download them whenever you need at a faster Unlimited Downloading Speed.User Interface is pretty similar to ZBIGZ.Bytebx offers FREE 20GB of Online Storage for newly registered users which is quite good and allowing you to download files upto 2.5 GB Greater than ZBIGZ.

Bytebx - ZBIGZ Alternatives 2013

How to Use Bytebx to Download Torrent Files or Any other File :

  • Now Login to Your Bytebx Storage Account.
  • Here You will find Upload Torrent Button where you can place your Torrent Magnet link or Torrent file similar as you used to do in ZBIGZ.
  • Click OK and Wait for Caching Process.
  • After Caching Just Download it as Zip File.
  • That’s all and You are all done.

Note – Bytebx is Offering 20GB For Free signup for new users and then after allowing you to download files upto 2.5 GB greater than the 1GB of ZBIGZ.

Filestream : Unlimited Speed

Filestream is also a known Online Cloud Service that allows you to download your files at unlimited faster download speed with FREE membership.It works the same as the above services do.Just Upload the Files or Paste the File links URL and it will start uploading it to your Filestream Cloud Account and after completion you will receive an email notification also and then after you can download it via your Download Manager IDM.Fully 100% Private Storage no third party access to your files even including the Staff members so you don’t need to bother anymore about your Privacy.

Filestream - ZBIGZ Alternatives 2013

How to Use Filestream to Download Torrent Files or Any other File :

  • After Successfully Creating Account Login to Your Filestream Account.
  • In the Dashboard you will see a Download Torrent Button.
  • Click on Download Torrent Button.
  • Here Paste the Torrent Magnet link or Upload Torrent File and Click Download.
  • Wait for few minutes till it gets downloaded to your Cloud Account.
  • After Download Completion you can download the file as Zip.
  • That’s all and You are all done.

So these are some of the Top ZBIGZ Alternatives 2014 thus far and if you know any other good alternative that I have missed in the above post please let me know.

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  1. Thank you so much you helped me so much…..thanks alot for the info

  2. Nice information . I liked the free zbigz alternatives you have given here. Will use when I need them. Keep up the good work

  3. Filestream.me is the best one listed. It is generous enough to allow almost 1gb free download and downloading with IDM is very fast!

  4. What about sites like Bitport.io? It’s at its best when payed for, but it just works so much better than Quicktorrent.io i was using before. And It’s also cheaper than Zbigz..


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