Turbo C++ for Android APK FREE Download : Install C++

Turbo C++ is one of the most crucial software especially for the programmer’s and computer science students which allows them to test and run their codes. C/C++ languages are the basic foundation of various programming based applications and other languages and thus stands a very important place in the field of software development. C/C++ language is taught in almost every computer related field and is therefore very important to understand all its basic concepts which can be cleared only if you practice by implementing your codes on C++ Compiler and Turbo C++ is one such most widely used compiler currently. Considering the Importance of Turbo C++ In our life I have already discussed about Turbo C++ for Windows 64bit Users in my previous posts and here once again I am going to provide you with Turbo C++ for Android Users which will allow android users to compile their C++ programmes on their Android smartphone’s or tablets. Get Turbo C++ for Android APK free download from here.

Turbo C++ for Android APK Free Download

How to Install Turbo C++ on Android Devices : Turbo C++ for Android APK

      • Installing Turbo C++ on android devices is now much more easier and within few minutes you would be able to code your programs on Turbo C++ without any issues at all and to do so you have to go through the below given step by step procedure.
  • First of all you need to download Turbo C++ App file on your Android Device – Click to Download
  • The downloaded file will be in compressed format so you need to extract the contents of the .rar file and for extraction purpose you can Install  Easy Unrar App from Google Playstore.
  • That’s it after extraction you will see a folder TC with an APK file AnDosBox
  • Install AnDosBox from the APK file and move the TC folder to your SD Card and make sure that this TC folder must be in the SD Card and not anywhere inside sub folders.
  • Run DosBox which will look similar to the Windows like DOS Box and here type the following commands one by one.

cd tc

cd bin


  • That’s it and if the process goes well you will shortly see a bluescreen which will be your Turbo C++ coding screen and you can now start enjoy writing your programs there.

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27 thoughts on “Turbo C++ for Android APK FREE Download : Install C++

  1. Thank you. That worked well.

  2. thank you it worked & same as pc

  3. Thank u .to make turbo c++ easy for us .by simple steps.

  4. Its working but I’m not able to use my keyboard when my phone is in rotation

  5. Thanks for developing cpp for android phone it works very well

  6. Digpal Singh jhala says:

    Thankful issue passed

  7. Thank u.
    Very nice.it work very easy

  8. Wow….superb i like it vvv much thankyou bro.


    I am able to download and install the software, and writing the programme on it.But i don’t know why I am not able to compile it.

    • Please check maybe you are committing some silly mistake…The programs compile well without any issues…Try to reinstall the application if nothing works out…

  10. harshit Rastogi says:

    It is very effective and efficient resource for programming

  11. thank you , it is really helpfull

  12. It’s not working, getting error
    ” fail to load DPMI server (DPMI 16B1.ovl)”

  13. Am writing those 3 commands on andosbox, but its not working

  14. when i write cd tc command, it says unable to change directory to tc

  15. Change your TC storage from sd card to internal storage. This will work.

  16. Suriya prakash says:

    Thank you in apps created in everything in thinkyou

  17. I am able to download nd install properly but when it runs i am not able to write anything…whts the problem

  18. This is not work
    When i write cd tc command it says unable to change tc.
    And i change tc storage from sd card to to internal storage

  19. When I write the commands cd tc
    cd bin
    it shows unable to change …….

  20. I done everything but i didn’t get keyboard in it. plz fix it.

  21. Tq sir

  22. This is awesome. Now I got a handy old school c++ compile.

  23. Sup booooooiiiii

  24. Kurosaki Ichigo says:

    Unable to use keyboard in landscape mode.
    Device: MMX A177

  25. Supper

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