How to Increase Broadband Speed in Windows 10/8.1/7

How to Increase Internet Broadband Speed in Windows : The Internet has become a very important part of our life these days and without the Internet, you cannot imagine your life. Okay, you can live without it, but still it is one of the important things for working professionals and social media freaks. So, having a faster Internet connection is important. The Internet technology has improved over the year and today you can download Gigs of data in a matter of minutes. However, not all can afford such high-speed Internet connectivity as it would cost you your yearly Internet bill of a slower Internet connection for a monthly bill of such a high-speed Internet connection. So, what you can do to increase broadband speed in Windows? Well, there are few things that you can do to increase broadband speed in Windows. Check below on how to increase broadband speed in Windows.

How to Increase Broadband Speed in Windows 10 - 8.1 -7

How to Increase Broadband Speed in Windows 10/8.1/7 : Best Methods

Stop Automatic Windows Update and Do it Manually Windows OS comes with an automatic Windows OS update for the PC. Since, Microsoft releases a timely update for its OS, your Internet connection will automatically download the update whenever available. What you can do is stop the automatic Windows update. If you are on Windows 7 and Windows 8.1, then you can turn off the Automatic Windows update from the settings. If you are on Windows 10, then follow this article to know how to disable automatic Windows update in Windows 10.

Check your Computer Settings Your PCs default setting may not be properly configured to take full advantage of your Internet connection. So, to increase broadband speed, you can make use of any third-party tools such as TCP optimizer to set perfect settings for the better Internet speed in Windows. Download TCP Optimizer from here.

Check Internet Speed and Talk to Your ISP Every day you would see new ISPs launching in your area. At first, they claim to offer 100Mbps speed, and you will see almost similar speed when you buy it. However, after few months, you will start noticing slow Internet speed. This could be because your ISP has passed you to a slow Internet connection without your acknowledgement.  So, it is good to check your Internet speed time to time using any free Internet speed checking tool. If you find anything not convincing contact the ISP and complain about the problem. Your ISP may increase Broadband speed, and you may get back to your older plan. If not, change your ISP to get better service.

Turn off your WiFi Connectivity– Do you have WiFi router at home? Anyone else use WiFi at home apart from you? If no one else uses the WiFi, then check if someone else is using your WiFi connection without your knowledge. Take appropriate action and you may get increased broadband speed. Also, always turn off your WiFi connection when not in use and change the password frequently.

Check Background Software Some software in Windows PC run in the background without your knowledge. If you have a Torrent client installed and have a pending torrent download, the torrent may keep downloading the torrent in the background, and you may experience slow Internet connection. If not, open Task manager and check all the running tasks and services. Disable or end all the unwanted background tasks that you think may use the Internet.

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