Is Hardware Acceleration Good Or Bad in Google Chrome?

In case you are experiencing performance issues on Google Chrome, the root of those problems could be hardware acceleration built into the web browser. Here you can find the easiest solution to this problem, by turning off GPU hardware acceleration in the browser. Check below on how to disable hardware acceleration in Google Chrome.

Disable Hardware Acceleration in Google Chrome

GPU hardware acceleration is supported by Google Chrome, which means it doesn’t need to rely solely on the CPU to render web pages. Naturally it should be good for the users, and it should run things faster than earlier. In most scenarios it should be accurate, but is can lead to a number of problems in Chrome including mouse and keyboard lag, decrease in the performance speed, scrolling bugs and tabs not loading. If you’re experiencing performance issues with the browser, here’s how to turn off (or on) GPU hardware acceleration in Chrome.

Steps To Disable Hardware Acceleration In Google Chrome – Step By Step Guide

    • Launch Google Chrome and click the three horizontal lines icon on the rightmost top corner of the window (next to the address bar.

  • From there just select the Settings Button as shown below in the screen shot and at the bottom of the settings page click on the ‘Show Advanced Settings’.

Disable Hardware Acceleration in Chrome - 1

Disable Hardware Acceleration in Chrome - 2

  • Scroll down the page again until you find the System heading, below which is an option to ‘Use hardware acceleration when available’. Remove the tick from this box to turn off hardware acceleration (or tick the box to turn it on).

Disable Hardware Acceleration in Chrome - 3

  • Having altered this setting you’ll see a link pop up beside the option advising that Chrome requires a restart. Tap restart on this link to restart Chrome with or without hardware acceleration.

Disable Hardware Acceleration in Chrome - 4

  • If turning off hardware acceleration in Chrome doesn’t fix your problem, you can simply follow the above steps to turn it back on again.

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