CHKDSK Alternatives 2018: Best Tools for Hard Disk Error Check

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Windows comes with Check Disk (chkdsk), a command line utility, which is basically used to scan and fix errors in the hard drive. In this article, you can find a list of alternatives to chkdsk command. A low-cost and cleverer way to backup the data is provided digital media storage. In case you use the old media storage devices like the floppy disk or the tape drives etc. you are going to love the huge growth in the digital storage sector. Although the issue with digital storage devices is that they are quite unreliable. It can get damaged anytime without any reason. The data cannot be recovered if the media is physically damaged. Get Free CHKDSK Alternatives 2018 from here.

CHKDSK Alternatives 2018

Best Free CHKDSK Alternatives 2018 – Top CHKDSK Alternatives

The sole path to make sure that you are safe from this problem is by regularly backing up of your data and keep on monitoring the health of the system especially the digital media. We are going to share with you the best tools to check hard drive for potential threats. You can think of these tools as Chkdsk alternatives. Chkdsk is a built in Windows tool to check hard drive for errors.

GSmartControl is a graphical interface for smartly which is a popular tool for analyzing the hard drive for bad sectors. It can be used to monitor the hard drives. It can issue early warnings to make sure that the data is backed up before the hard drive becomes dead. This utility can be used in Windows, Linux and Mac OSX alike.

CHKDSK Alternatives 2018 - GSmartControl

HDDScan is a free utility to test the hard drive for errors and an advanced chkdsk alternative. It also supports USB flash drive, Firewire and RAID volumes. HDDScan can be very useful in regular hard drive health testing. By using the utility you will have better idea in which condition your hard drive is. It can also inspect S.M.A.R.T data on supported hard drives.

CHKDSK Alternatives 2018 - HDDScan

Windows Surface Scanner scans and finds bad sectors from the hard drive. It can only scan the hard drives mounted in Windows. It supports Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7.Windows Surface Scanner is very similar to Ariolic Disk Scanner as it only reports the bad sectors. There is no way to fix those bad sectors. It can be used in conjunction with Chkdsk. Windows Surface Scanner finds the errors and Chkdsk tries to fix them.

CHKDSK Alternatives 2018 - Windows Surface Scanner

Ariolic Disk Scanner is a free and portable utility which checks the hard drive for read errors. It checks each sector of the hard disk and draws a visual representation. It can be a good alternative to chkdsk but the down side of this tool is that it is only limited to checking of the hard disk. There is no option to repair the damaged sectors.

CHKDSK Alternatives 2018 - Ariolic Disk Scanner

SeaTools is a comprehensive app especially for Seagate hard drives but can also be used with other manufacturers. It can determine the condition of the hard drive. It supports almost all kinds of hard drives including SATA, USB, 1394, ATA (PATA/IDE) and SCSI drives. Since I have a Seagate hard drive, SeaTools is the utility of my choice.

CHKDSK Alternatives 2018 - SeaTools for Windows

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