iPhone X Plus Display & Digitizers Photos Leaked

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Apple plans to remain committed to the new upgraded design despite the disturbing reports of unsatisfactory sales numbers for the current iPhone X, by all accounts. Supposedly, three new iPhone models for 2018 – a budget 6.1-inch LCD one, a refresh to the current OLED 5.8-inch one and a new 6.5-inch one are to be the upcoming Apple benchmarks in smartphone history. 

Display Panel

We have previously heard that the Cupertino-tech titan is working its way to offer bigger variants of the iPhone X. At the end of the day, we have now come across a pair of photos that claim to be the display and digitizers of the ‘iPhone X Plus’. In the article we will tackle the various rumors and explanations of the leaked images. The article will be update as soon as more information turns up so stay tuned. The above image shows what appears to be a ready display assembly but unfortunately doesn’t offer much to go on. The nick on the top along with all the sensors, camera and earpiece notches resemble the ones on iPhone X. It’s nearly impossible to differentiate it from a current iPhone X part.


The other photo, however, given it is only the digitizer for the phone, amazingly it is a lot more revealing. Still, judging by its relative size to an average person’s hand, it is clearly a bigger device. The notch looks just a bit smaller from where we’re standing, which also fits in with previous rumors. Still, it’s hard to tell from this angle and it could just be the larger overall footprint playing tricks on our perception.

Some helpful, eagle-eyed people also managed to make out the serial numbers on the connectors on the bottom of the digitizer. Apparently the version number formatting is consistent with current Apple numbering conventions. There is also a production week – the 46th week of 2017, or some time around the middle of November. This is a perfectly plausible time frame for a test production run, giving even more credibility to the leak. Still, it’s hard to definitively judge on authenticity one way or the other. Plus, even if the photos are the real deal, there is still the possibility for design changes and tweaks before the final version is ready to go into the alleged new iPhon

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