Benefits of Practice Tests For CompTIA Certification Exams Preparation

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Nowadays certification has become highly important if you are looking for a job in IT sector. You need proper technical knowledge with specific skills in order to tackle the tasks in any IT organization. Luckily, there are companies such as CompTIA, which provide various IT certifications for aspiring candidates.

CompTIA Certification: About CompTIA

CompTIA is a non-profit organization that offers numerous vendor-neutral credentials recognized all over the world. The company provides certifications for the specialists who perform tasks related to different IT directions such as Cloud, cybersecurity, PC repair, network, hardware, software, and many more. To find more information about CompTIA credential program, visit CompTIA website.

CompTIA Certifications - Prepaway

This article will be dedicated to the most popular CompTIA certifications. In the second part of this text, we will take a closer look at one particular credential and measures that will help you to get certified at the first attempt. So, let’s see what are the most sought-after CompTIA certifications following site:

  • A+ Certification

A+ credential is suitable for those candidates who want to establish a career in the IT sphere. The specialists with A+ certification can work on the operational positions as they are well versed with PC repair techniques and familiar with the principles of networking, security, and OS installation. If you want to learn more about A+ certification, go to CompTIA website.

To get A+ credential, you need to successfully pass 2 tests: 220-901 and 220-902.

  • 220-901 Exam

To pass this exam, you need to be well familiar with PC, mobile, networking, and troubleshooting hardware. You also need to possess a solid knowledge in the field of network connectivity issues and problem-solving.

Click the link to read more about 220-901 exam.

  • 220-902 Exam

To pass220-902 exam, you need to know cloud computing fundamentals, principles of security,and operational procedures. The exam also covers the installation of Windows,Android,Apple OS X,iOS,and Linux.

Follow the link to find more information about 220-902 exam.

  • Network+ Certification

This credential opens many doors for the specialists who would like to work with networks. With Network+ certification, you will be able to troubleshoot, manage, and configuring networks. To get certified, you need to successfully pass N10-007 exam. The recommended experience includes CompTIA A+ certification and 9-12 months of the experience in the networking field.

Learn more about Network+ certification at CompTIA website.

  • N10-007 Exam

This test concentrates on the maintenance of networking devices (wired and wireless). It also includes topics related to network resiliency, virtualization, cloud computing, and security.

Click the link if you want le learn more aboutN10-007 exam.

  • Security+ Certification

Security+ credential covers basic skills that are required to perform essential security tasks. Professionals with this certification can not only identify security incidents but also address them.

Read more about Security+ certification at CompTIA website.

To get Security+ certification, you need to sit for SY0-501 exam (recommended background includes CompTIA Network+ credential and 2 years of experience in the related field).

  • SY0-501 Exam

SY0-501 test covers risk mitigation, application security, and the core principles of availability, integrity, and confidentiality.

Follow the link to find more information aboutSY0-501 exam.

  • Linux+ Certification

This certification is intended for the novice system administrators working with Linux systems. To get this comprehensive certification, you need to sit for 2 exams. First,you need to clearLX0-103 exam, and if you pass,LX0-104 exam. Recommended background for this certification includes CompTIA A+, CompTIA Network+, and 1 year of the Linux admin experience.

  • LX0-103 Exam

LX0-103 test includes topics such as basic maintenance of the Linux system, Linux command line, networking, and the installation and configuration of workstations.

Click the link you need more information aboutLX0-103 exam.


CASP Certification

CASP credential is intended for advanced security practitioners who are skilled in cybersecurity. Certified professionals are well familiar with cyber protection measures, trend data interpretation, software vulnerabilities, and cryptographic techniques. To get this certification, you need to have 10 years of experience as an IT administrator, which includes5 years of security experience. The certification is awarded after the passing of CAS-003 exam.

More information aboutCASPcertification can be found at CompTIA website.

Now, let’s focus on the particular credential and see what you can do to clear the exams and get certified.

CompTIA Security+ Certification: a Closer Look

System security is a critical factor in each and every organization. With the various information being transmitted, it is essential that solid security is set up to prepare for dangers, attacks, and information misfortune. CompTIA Security+ certification furnishes IT professionals with the aptitudes and skill expected to shield information and systems from dangers and vulnerabilities. This guide gives insights in regards to CompTIA Security+ SY0-501 exam, which incorporates costs, prerequisites, suggested contemplate aides, and how to get ready for the exam. In this article, we will provide you with the best websites where you can get the study materials regarding the exam.

What is CompTIA Security+ Certification?

CompTIA Security+ certification is an all-around perceived certification which centers around system security and how to keep hackers away from going into a system and wrecking enormous measures of information inside seconds. This certification exam underpins three dialects – English, Japanese, and Portuguese.

What Are the Prerequisites for CompTIA Security+ SY0-501 Exam?

You are required to appear and pass CompTIA A+ and CompTIA Network+ affirmation exams before appearing in this exam. This is an overwhelming and testing exam and requires a broad knowledge of each and every factor. Prior to taking this exam, you are required to have 2 years’ involvement in IT organization, fixated on security. These necessities are imperative since they will enable you to comprehend the reasons why a system needs security and how to adequately build up a solid security framework for that system.

About Exam

The exam has a sum of 90 different decision addresses that must be replied in an hour and a half. You are required to have a passing score of 750 out of 900 preceding you can be confirmed.

IT experts work behind the framing of exam hence you are required to put great efforts if you are looking to crack the exam with good marks. The pattern and the questions of the exam keep changing and experts work on the updating the format regularly.

CompTIA SY0-501 exam is the major exam for the cybersecurity and helps in the proper evaluation of the skills possessed by the individual through the means of strategic questions.

The new prescribed activity parts are:

  • Security Administrator
  • System Administrator
  • Frameworks Administrator
  • Junior IT Penetration Tester/ Auditor

Best Study Materials for CompTIA SY0-501 Exam

In order to prepare for CompTIA exam, it’s necessary to select the exact study material as your knowledge basically depends upon that. What more you are expected to do is get the practical knowledge as well. If you are able to understand the application of the theory, then only you can perform well in the final exam. So while selecting the study material focus on getting a type of material which will not only provide you with the theoretical knowledge but also shape you towards the application of those concepts.

There are a number of platforms available on the web where you can get the relevant study material for CompTIA Security+ exam. The next big thing that you have to keep in mind is that go for test series and take participation in practice tests as well as they will help you a lot when you are looking to find out your shortcomings. You can only crack an exam if there are no weak links and with the help of practice tests, you will be able to correct yourself over your weak areas. You will easily get these test series and practice tests on the internet and there are many platforms where you will get these for free.

Preparation Resources

A very important thing to be kept in mind is that your priority should be quality of the content, not the quantity. You need a study material that will focus on to the point info and will contain relevant information only. Below we have mentioned some of the best websites which provide study materials for this exam: website provides you with a number of practice exams that will help you to tackle the final test. you can a number of relevant materials regarding the test.These study materials will help you a lot during the preparations for your exam. can get all the relevant study materials on this website. The platform also provides you with practice tests that will help you to analyze your preparations. you will easily get the required study materials and practice tests.


Though CompTIA examsare not easy, with the exact study materials and proper practices one can crack the exams with good marks. The above-mentioned websites will provide you with the most relevant study materials, and you can take help of these materials in order to ace up your preparation.

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