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Do You Know How to Increase Tata Photon Plus Speed ? – Read this Post to Learn How to Increase Tata Photon Plus Speed  Amazingly Fast .Tata Tele Services is one of the Most Popular Wireless Internet Service Provider in India Offering Very High Data Download Speeds.Tata Photon Plus is a very High Speed Wireless Connection Modem that Offers a very high Bandwidth of 3.1Mbps.Tata Photon Plus Uses Evolution-Data Optimized 3G Technology.But Still because of this High Bandwidth of 3.1Mbps How to Increase Mozilla Firefox Browsing Speed ? Most of the Users Complain about Getting Slow Browsing and Download Speeds about 50-100 Kbps ( Normal Download Speed Should be Above 400+ Kbps) generally  the Speed of Your Internet Connection is Decided by Your ISP ( Internet Service Provider )and the Network that You are Getting.The only thing that you can do to Increase Your Internet Speed is by Tweaking Your Windows Network Settings.How to Increase YouTube Buffering speed So Today Here in this Post I am Going to tell you Some Important Tips & Tricks by which you can Increase Your Tata Photon Plus Speed.Here below is a Step by Step Guide on How to Increase Tata Photon Plus  Speed.Lets Get Started with the Major Reasons responsible for Getting Low Speed in Tata Photon Plus. How to boost and Increase your internet speed

Reasons For Low Browsing and Download Speeds

  • Interference between the Channels i.e It may Happen that the Channel that Your Modem is Using is also Used by Your Nearest Neighbourhood.
  • Basically Wireless Internet Connection Speed Relies on the Frequency Bands called Channels.
  • Poor Network Area i.e The Location Where you are Using Tata Photon Plus is a Poor Network Area.

How to Increase Tata Photon Plus Speed : TCP Optimizer

TCP Optimizer is One of the Best Optimizer For Optimizing Your Network Settings to get the Most of Your Internet Speed.So Here below is a List of Instruction on How to Optimize Your Internet Settings Using TCP Optimizer.Top 10 Best Android Phones Under 10000

  • First of all Download and Run TCP Optimizer on Your Computer (Download Link).

Note – It is an  .exe File So you don’t need to Install it Just Run it by Double-Click on the .exe File.

  • Open TCP Optimizer and In the General Settings Tab Move the Speed Slider According to Your Desired Speed Say 1Mbps

Note – After Changing the Settings to Optimal if You Somehow Feel that it has Decreased Your Internet Speed instead of Increasing then You Can Easily Restore back Your Previous or Default Settings by Using the Backup that You Have Created in the SG TCP Optimizer.To Restore it to Default Run TCP Optimizer then Click File and Select Restore Backed up Settings and Select the Saved Backup File and Your System Will be Stored Back to its Original State Automatic Forwarding Gmail Messages

  • Restart Your Computer So that New Applied Changes can take Place.
  • That’s all and You are all Done.Now You can Enjoy Amazingly Fast Internet Speed.

Note – It’s not Necessary that this trick will help for all the Users but it has Improved the Speed For Most of the Users.It Vary Upon the Network that You are Getting and Your Location.

Free Download TCP Optimizer From Here

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