Lenovo M6811 Review : Budget Gaming Mouse

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Do You Want to Buy Gaming Mouse Under Rs 1000 ? – Lenovo M6811 is one of the Best Budget Gaming Mouse Under Rs 1000 Priced at Just Rs 699 Only.Lenovo M6811 is a Real Bang For Your Money.How to Download Torrent Files Using IDM Lenovo M6811 is a Wired Laser Mouse having a Maximum of 1600 dpi (Interchangeable 800-1600) Suitable For Gaming Needs .It has Got 2 Extra Buttons on the Left Side that Can be Assigned For Different Purposes i.e For Navigating Webpages (Back and Forth),Opening Windows,In Games etc. Lenovo M6811 is a very Light Mouse that can be used even on Glass Surface without any Problem.So Here Below are Some General Specifications of Lenovo M6811 Mouse.How to Download Play Store Apps on PCLenovo m6811 Review

Lenovo M6811 Review : General Specifications

  • Technology – Laser
    • Buttons – 2
  • Interface – USB 2.0
  • DPI – 1600 dpi
  • Features – LED Indication , Ergonomic Design , Color Rubber Painting
  • OS Support – Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7

Lenovo M6811 Review : Pros

  • Very Comfortable to Use – Nice Rubber Thumb Rest/Grip.
  • Solid Build Quality and Very Light.
  • Amazingly Smooth ( Can be Used on Glass Surface Also ).
  • Fully Adjustable Sensitivity.
  • Perfect Positioning of the Two Buttons.
  • Interchangeable Dpi ( 800 – 1600 ).
  • Easy Plug and Play Feature ( No Need to Install any Driver ).

Note – You have to Use “X-Mouse Button Control Software” To Assign Controls to the 2 Silver Buttons (Download X-Mouse Control)

  • Bang For Your Bucks ( Only Rs 699 ).

 Lenovo M6811 Review : Cons

  • There is NO Rest/grip for the Little Finger.

Conclusion – Best Gaming Mouse Under Rs 1000

I have Recently Purchased this Mouse and it Works just Awesome.Very Solid Built-in Quality and A Decent Performance.High Dpi Mouse ( 1600 dpi ) that is interchangeable.It is the Best and the Cheapest Gaming Mouse that You can Get For Only Rs 699.So If You are Looking For a Good Gaming Mouse Under Rs 1000 then it is the Best Mouse to Buy. How to boost and Increase your internet speed

Buy Lenovo M6811 From Flipkart – Rs 699 Only

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  1. Great review, Pankaj!

    I must say I never knew Lenovo made gaming mice. I does look good though, and has a lot of features for a mouse so cheap.

  2. I have one Doubt, does the light under the mouse blinks are not. i brought this mouse lenovo m6811 ,, but light under the mouse is not blinking
    plz help

    1. I too have the Same Issue in my Lenovo m6811 But it works Perfect….It is not a Problem so don’t worry…

  3. Does it work on WIndows 8?

    1. Though I have not tried it on Windows 8 But it will Work Most Probably….You can Confirm from the Lenovo Retailer Shop while Buying…..

  4. I would like to know how the mouse is performing now. a long term review of sorts

    1. I have been using it for almost a year and it works awesome without any issues….If you are looking for a low budget gaming mouse then this is the right choice for you…..

  5. Can u tell me the size dimensions mouse ?? I prefer larger mouse for gaming.
    Also I am confused between this and HP KY619AA USB 2.0 Optical Mouse.
    pls suggest.

    1. It is a large mouse that provides good grip while holding it I would suggest you to go for Lenovo M6811….You won’t disappoint it is just awesome mouse for such cheap price 🙂

  6. Thank you I might go with this one getting it for 740 right now.

  7. Buy Logitech G90 which is more cheaper good build quality, higher DPI’s, btw Dpi’s matter not which is laser or optical for accuracy if you are someone who want to try playing on a glass then buy this, otherwise for me G90 is the best.


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