KM Player Error Access Violation at Address FIXED

KM Player Error Access Violation at Address: Facing this error on your Windows Vista or Windows 7 PC or laptop? The error is quite common among KM Player user, so is the fix for this error. The error access Violation at address occurs when you try to run the KM Player or try to play a movie or video. The error is said to occur after the recent update, but the culprit of this error is something else. So, let’s find out.

Km Player fix access violation error

The KM Player or KMP is a versatile multimedia player, which can cover various formats are contained without any different codecs. It allows you to play and kind of media files with KMPs internal codec which is separated from its external codec.

It also supports additional matrix function normalizer. With KMP Connect beta, you should be able to watch all the movie formats on your mobile moved from your PC saving you from the hassle of converting those movies to mobile supported format.

Coming back to the topic, the error access violation at address is a common error for KM player users. You can fix this error either by deleting or renaming the gen_ml.d media library from Winamp plug-in folder or by giving admin rights to KM Player to run.

The main reason for this error is said to be the gen_ml.d library in Winamp, which is incompatible with Vista or KM Player. If you try to run both the players together, you may end up with access violation error. So, let’s see how to fix this error in KM Player.

Fix KM Player Error Access Violation at Address

Fix 1: Change the Security Permission

Begin with changing the owner and security permission of folder ML in Plug-in folder. Change permission for everyone including administrator, current users and other users in your PC. Do this and see if the error has been fixed.

Fix 2: Delete gen_ml.d Library from Plug-in Folder

Try deleting the Gen_ml.d library from the plug-in folder from KM Player. If you are on Vista, the ML tries to write an information to the folder, which is not allowed in Vista. What you can do is delete gen_ml.dll file from KM Player Plug-in folder from here C:)/Program Files/The KMPlayer/PlugIns. If this also didn’t work you may need to proceed with fix 3.

Fix 3: Uninstall KM Player and Install without Winamp

Uninstall KM Player completely from your PC. Now download the latest stable version from the official website. While installing make sure that you uncheck Winamp option and proceed with the installation. This should fix access violation error in KM Player.

So, this was about how to fix access violation error in KM Player. Do you have a better alternative? Do let us know in the comments below.

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