How to transfer data Between two computers Using LAN : IP Messenger

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Connecting two computers using LAN is very often needed in order to transfer valuable data or play multiplayer Games at very high speeds.Files can be transferred and shared at very high speed using the LAN Wire.Transferring data or sharing the data via LAN can sometimes become uncomfortable when you get some errors like “Host unreachable” etc and many more. So here is a simple procedure to Connect two computers using LAN wire and share data at very high speeds.This will require you a simple software IP Messenger (Download link is given Below) in order to connect the computers.So here are some steps that you need to follow while connecting computers :

Steps to Setup LAN Connection :

  • First Download IP Messenger (Download 32 bit and Download 64 bit) from here
  • Install the IP Messenger that you have downloaded on both the Computers
  • Now you need to set the ip address of the two computers that you have connected via LAN Wire
  • Set the IP address of one computer be 192.168.0.x(x can be any value between 0-255) and set the another computer IP address 192.168.0.y(y can be any value between 0-255)
  • Make sure that value of x doesnot match value of y it should be different (For Example set IP and
  • Now run IP Messenger on both the computers and Now drag what files you want to tranfer to the other computer in IP messenger Window
  • After dragging the files tick mark the user that you want to send displayed on IP Messenger window and Check mark Send
  • Now the files are transferred after accepting the file request.
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  1. Wow! Simple but Useful 🙂

  2. what will be the default ip ? and subnet mask ??? plz help … i am badly in need of it

    1. You can Easily Check your IP Address and subnet mask in cmd.Type ipconfig and Press Enter in cmd to know all your Internet Configuration Details…

  3. In my IP Messeneger, it is not showing all the users in my list. What to do if I want to get all the users in my list?

    1. Have You correctly Setup the IP’s of Different Users as suggested in the Above Procedure ??

  4. What to fill in : Subnet mask???Default gateway???Preferred DNS server???Alternate DNS server???

    1. You just need to fill the IP Address and nothing else to do….

  5. Very nice article about connecting two computers easily.
    Thanks Pankaj.


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