Rise of Nations Screen Flickering Windows 10 FIXED

Rise of Nations is one of the best real time strategy game published by Microsoft Game Studios that was awarded with several awards including Game of the Year Award in 2003. Despite being over 12 years old it is still played by thousands of users across the world. The gameplay simulates through 8 ages of world history featuring 18 civilizations. Recently an Extended edition of Rise of Nations was released as well in June 2014 with updated Graphics textures, lightning and much more. Get Complete fix for Rise of Nations Screen Flickering Windows 10 issue.

If you have recently upgraded to Microsoft Windows 10 then you might have observed issues with Rise of Nations gameplay in the form of Screen flickering while in the gameplay soon after the introductory videos. Therefore if you are experiencing the same issue then just go through the below given step by step article on how to fix rise of nations screen flickering windows 10 issue.

Rise of Nations Screen Flickering Windows 10

How to Fix Rise of Nations Screen Flickering Windows 10 Issue : Steps to Follow

  • Go to the location C:\­Users\­<Your System Use rName>\­App Data\­Roaming\­Microsoft Games\­Rise of Nations\­rise2.ini

Note – Make sure you have enabled the Show Hidden files and folders option otherwise you won’t see the App Data directory

  • Now here in the rise2.ini find the line VSync and change its value from VSync = 1 to VSync = 0 which would finally eliminate the Rise of Nations Screen flickering windows 10 issue.

*After changing the VSync = 1 to VSync = 0 if you still face the same issue then find the line with ForceAGPVBs and change its value from ForceAGVBS=0 To ForceAGVBs=1

  • Now After trying the above mentioned fixes your issue will be fixed hopefully.

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