CPU Usage 100 % Everytime ? – Why So and How to Fix ?

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No doubt CPU is one of the most crucial component of each and every computer system be it a Desktop PC or Notebook laptop which is responsible for carrying out all the system operations effectively. Better the CPU more better will be the performance therefore it is important to have a high speed CPU especially if you intend to carry out heavy tasks or play Intensive games on your system. Often you have seen while running multiple applications or playing Games your cabinet starts creating bit noise and this is due to the fact that CPU gets fully loaded and therefore in order to overcome the heat generated CPU fans starts rotating at much higher RPM as compared to the usual fan rotation speed. Not only this your system also starts to react slow when the CPU Usage is to the full extent i.e. 100% Check Below Fix for CPU Usage 100 Windows.

CPU Usage 100 % Windows

Having CPU Usage at 100% is very common especially if you are running multiple process or a single process that demands intensive processing for example latest Games like GTA 5, Watch Dogs, Assassins Creed etc. but if you are facing CPU Usage 100% every time irrespective of whatever operations you are performing then its a sign that you should take appropriate actions to fix CPU Usage 100% or else if this continues for longer duration your CPU might get burn out due to over processing. There could be several reasons for having CPU Usage 100% and if you are reasons are legitimate as I stated above then you shouldn’t be worry but it is still better to keep an eye on CPU usage via Task manager.

*If CPU Usage spikes at 100% and then gets normal don’t worry but if you see the spike multiple times and that too spending 10-15 mins at 100 percent you should start analyzing the issue.

Why My CPU Usage shows 100% Every time ?

Multiple times I have received emails from users stating that their system starts behaving slowly at random times and when I asked them to check their CPU Usage at the time of slowness they reported CPU at 100 percent usage which was enough for me to analyze the cause and solve the issue. But before I move on further with dealing How to Fix 100 percent CPU Usage lets understand some common reasons for facing CPU Usage at 100 %. Moreover this situation is not Windows specific, Users have been found reporting the issue in almost all the Microsoft Windows versions that includes Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista and Windows XP as well.

  • Most of the Time it has been found that some sort of Viruses, Malwares or other malicious codes within the system are responsible for utilizing the CPU Usage to 100 %
  • A recent software or game installation might cause the same issue and also if you are having multiple processes running concurrently.
  • Multiple running instances of SVCHOST.EXE (Don’t worry its not a virus) and Msosync.exe (Used for syncing and caching documents for Microsoft Office Programs)

How to Fix CPU Usage 100 Percent Windows ? – Follow Below Given Methods

Having CPU Usage at 100 percent every time is a very serious issue and therefore it requires lot of patience and correct resolution for fixing the issue. Here below I have mentioned some working solutions that you can try in order to Fix 100 percent CPU Usage.

Fix – 1 : Check for Possible Virus / Malware / Spyware

As I discussed above most common for CPU Usage 100 % are Viruses, trozan, malwares, adwares or spywares therefore check for these possible threats within your system and try to eliminate them with Good antivirus or malicious removal software like Avira Antiviurs, AVG Free Antivirus, Bitdefender, AdWCleaner etc.

Fix – 2 : Check for Recent Changes Updates SW / HW

Well if you believe that you are starting to face the issue after some new software installation or recent Windows updates or due to Hardware changes (Internal or external changes) then you should check for them and identify what could be the possible reasons for the facing the issue.

Fix – 3 : For SVCHOST.exe and MSOSYNC.EXE Tasks

Users facing 100 percent CPU usage have found that most of the time running instances of SVCHOST.EXE and MSOSYNC.EXE consumes the most CPU around 80-90%.

Regarding MSOSYNC.EXE it is a process used for syncing and caching documents for Microsoft Office Programs. This process runs whenever there is a document required for caching but due to some internal issues the process keeps appearing in Task manager time to time thereby eating lot of CPU resource. You can disable it via Windows Task Scheduler (You can open Task scheduler directly by typing Task Scheduler in the Start Menu) -> There you would be able to see Microsoft Office Sync Cache Maintenance which is scheduled to run every now. Just Disable it and restart your system and see if it the problem goes away or not.

Fix – 4 : Disable Any Background or Windows Updates

Check for any background updates or automatic Windows Updates that might be running and stop them if you found any of them running.

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