VLC Visual C++ Runtime Library Error Fix Windows 10/8.1/7

Lots of VLC Media player users have been found reporting issues while trying to play media files via VLC and reported one common error that is “VLC Visual C++ Runtime Library Error”. This error  has been reported by most of the users after VLC has rolled out their updated version. Before I proceed on further it is important that you understand what are the common reasons associated for facing VLC Visual C++ Runtime library error. So read below more about reasons for VLC Visual C++ Runtime library error. VLC runtime actual error message that appears is ” “This application has requested the Runtime to terminate it in an unusual way. Please contact the application’s support team for more information.” “

Possible Reasons for VLC Visual C++ Runtime Library Error :

  • In my personal experience that I have observed thus far this error usually occurs when you are trying to play an incomplete download video file via VLC media player.
  • Secondly this error also occurs if you are having outdated Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime library package installed on your system.

How to Fix VLC Visual C++ Runtime Library Error – Best Fixes

As I discussed above due to different possible reasons associated with facing VLC Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime library error you need to try out different fixes until your issue gets resolved. Therefore to make it easier for all here below I have mentioned some common fixes which are verified and tested by users.

Fix – 1 : Make Sure You are Having a Complete File

First of all cross check that the video or whatever media file that you are trying to run on VLC is 100% downloaded without any missing parts. If the file is complete then there are very rare chances of facing VLC runtime library error but still if you face the issue then proceed on with the below given fix.

Fix – 2 : Update Microsoft Visual Redistributable Package

If you are 100% sure that your file is complete and still facing the issue then try on with updating your system with latest Microsoft Visual Redistributable package as per your Windows version.

Fix – 3 : While Trying to Play Multiple Files at Same Time

One common reason for facing this error is when a user tries to add and open more than one media file at a particular time in VLC or while trying to use option “Play with VLC” from context menu. Read below how to fix vlc runtime library error while trying to play multiple music or videos files.

  • Open VLC Media Player -> Go to Tools -> Navigate to Preferences -> There at the bottom Click “ALL” to show advanced settings -> Go to Playlist -> There select “Enqueue items into playlist in one instance mode” as shown below in the screen shot.

 VLC Visual C++ Runtime Library Error Fix

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