Best Free Android Emulators for Linux

Previously we posted about best free Android emulators for Windows PC and best Android emulators for Mac OS X. In today’s round we will see the best free Android emulators for Linux which you can download and install using the link given below in the article. Android emulators allows you to run your favorite Android apps and games on your Linux PC. Even though Android OS is based on Linux kernel, availability of Android Emulators for Linux OS is less compared to Windows. Get the Best Free Android Emulators for Linux from here.

Best Free Android Emulators for Linux : Top Android Emulators for Linux

1 -> Official Android SDK for Linux

Though, there are quiet few third-party Android emulators available for Linux, we would recommend the Official Android SDK. The official Android SDK is a perfect tool to run Android apps and games only if you can install it properly after going through all the steps.  It support all the basic functions of Android emulators including SD card support, file transfer and drag and drop of apk.

Best Free Android Emulators for Linux  : Official Android SDK – Android Emulator AVDs for Linux

2 -> GenyMotion – Free Android Emulators for Linux

GenyMotion is probably the best Android emulator currently available for Linux running devices. GenyMotion allows the users to easily download pre-configured Android images of various Android versions or even device specific images for device like Nexus 7, Nexus 4, Galaxy S3, Galaxy S4 etc directly to the emulator. It also allows the users to configure the amount of resources of their PC such as RAM and Hardisk to be allocated to the emulator. This comes in handy, if you are on a machine with limited resources. Using GenyMotion you can directly connect to internet using WiFi or Ethernet.

Other features in GenyMotion includes support for ADB. support OpenGL hardware acceleration which allows you to run your Android games in full screen. However, do note that before installing GenyMotion Oracle Virtual Box must be installed on your Linux machine.

3 -> Andro VM Android Emulator for Linux

Andro VM may not be the most popular Android emulator, but it still works like charm om Linux PCs. The Ando VM is the parent project of GenyMotion and requires the users to install Oracle VirtualBox before installing Ando VM on Linux machine. It comes with support for OpenGL rendering though virtual box. It also supports net sharing from guest to host.

Best Free Android Emulators for Linux  : AndroVM Android Emulator for Linux

  • Get Andro VM for Linux 

So these are the best Android emulators for Linux. Check them out and do let us know your views in the comment below.

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