How to Disable Subtitles in VLC Media Player : FIXED

VLC is one of the Top Most Versatile Media Players Not only for Windows but also for Other Platforms including Google Android,Windows Phone too  a Totally Freeware Open Source Software Developed by Video LAN Project that can be fully Customized and Configured as per your requirements which not only provides you with  regular updates but also keeps providing Extra added features so as to Provide full support for all Latest Audio and Video Formats.VLC Media Player can play almost all the Media Formats including .MKV Files which is not very much supported by most of the Popular Media Players.It is a highly portable multimedia player which Doesn’t require any external codec pack or program to run media files.VLC Also provides Online Audio and Video Streaming over Internet.VLC Provides the Best Playback quality and stability for all Media Formats.With VLC you can Easily reproduce all your Audio and Video files with options to Convert them too as per your choice.Follow the Step by Step Instructions to Know How to Disable Subtitles in VLC Media Player Completely.

How to Disable Subtitles in VLC Media Player : Step by Step Guide

Subtitles are basically the Captions or Text words usually displayed at the bottom of the Video that transcribes the narration within the Video so as to help the viewers in understanding the Narration Clearly but these subtitles can sometimes prove to be pretty annoying for most of the Users.VLC Media player by default turns Subtitles ON and Automatically displays subtitles if Subtitles are found.So if you are one of them looking to get Rid of these subtitles then Just Follow the below Given Step By Step Guide to Learn How to Disable Subtitles in VLC Media Player Completely.

Note – Some of the Videos have Subtitles inbuilt whereas some of the Videos takes Subtitles from a separate .srt Format File.

Method – 1 : Quick and Easy (For Videos having Separate Subtitle File)

  • This is the Best and Simplest method to Turn Off Subtitles in VLC Media Player on Individual Video basis.
  • Open Your VLC Media Player and Play the Video File.
  • Right Click in the Video anywhere and Select Subtitle -> Disable as shown below.

How to Disable Subtitles in VLC Media Player - 1

Alternatively :

  • Right Click Select Video -> Subtitle Track -> Disable

How to Disable Subtitles in VLC Media Player - 2

Method  -2 : Permanently Disable (For Videos with Subtitles inbuilt)

The above listed method won’t work if you are having a Video files with subtitles inbuilt within the Video.These types of Videos doesn’t make use of extra subtitle .srt file they are already subtitle enabled video files so for Disabling Subtitles for Such Videos you need to follow the below given procedure.

  • Open Your VLC Media Player and Go to Tools -> Preferences

Alternatively : Press CTRL+P to Directly open Preferences

  • Here Click ALL button under Show Settings and Select Video -> Subtitles/OSD
  • Uncheck the Following Boxes as shown below :
  • Enable sub-pictures
  • On Screen Display
  • Auto Detect Subtitle Files

How to Disable Subtitles in VLC Media Player - 3

  •  That’s all and You are all done.

Note – There are some Video Files especially .MKV Files in which Subtitles are fully forced within the Video so for such videos you can’t disable Subtitles easily.

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