Whatsapp Alternatives 2013 : Best and Top FREE Alternatives

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Recently There are lots of rumors going about Whatsapp that they are gonna charge Some Annual Fees if you want to Continue their Service for Android Users too which is very much true upto some extent.For the First year Usage Whatsapp is totally free and thereafter you need to pay the annual fees if you want to continue using Whatsapp on Your Android Smartphone or Tablet.Whatsapp is already charging 0.99$ for Apple iOS Users though very small amount But what is the need of paying this fee when you are getting Similar Apps with lots of new and extra added features that you might have already seen on Latest Cross-platform Instant Messaging App ‘Wechat’.But Before we move on to Discuss Whatsapp Alternatives 2013 Let’s take a look at Whatsapp and its Features.

No Doubt Whatsapp is still the Most Popular and Widely Used Cross-platform Instant Messaging App in Smartphones Developed by Brian Acton and Jan Koum two Veterans of Yahoo in 2009.With More than 300 million Users Worldwide and 325 million photos shared each day you can easily estimate Whatsapp Popularity with these stats and figures.Available in almost all Major Platforms i.e Android , iPhone , BlackBerry, Windows Phone and Even in Nokia Symbian Mobiles Whatsapp allows you to Share text or Voice Messages with Your Friends throught the World.You can Even Create Groups,Send Photos,Videos or Smileys during the Chat which will double your Chat Fun.Lets look at the Reasons why to Choose between whatsapp alternatives 2013 after having such great features in Whatsapp.

Why to Choose Whatsapp Alternatives 2013 ?

There could be various reasons for Searching Whatsapp Alternatives of which some of the Most likely reasons are as follows.

  • Your Smartphone No more Supports Whatsapp.
  • You don’t want to Pay the Annual Fee charged by Whatsapp.
  • You are not satisfied with Overall features of Whatsapp.

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Whatsapp Alternatives 2013 : Best and Top Alternatives

Wechat :

I Would like to Rate Wechat as the Number 1 Alternative for Whatsapp.Wechat is the Best Alternative for Whatsapp in Current Date But the Problem is that it is not well supported for some of the Low Specification mobiles so feel yourself lucky if your Smartphone Supports Full Wechat Functionality.It is a Free Mobile Phone Text and Voice Messaging App Developed by Tencent Technologies Ltd.You can make video calls,Send text Messages,Send Images or videos to your friends and much more while Chatting with Premium features like Shake and Look around.

Whatsapp Alternatives 2013 - Wechat

Line App :

Line is all new Japanese Based Instant Messaging or Chatting App with Features Like Free Unlimited Voice Calls or Messages anytime anywhere 24/7.Since its release it has already managed to have more than 180 Million Users World wide spread across 231 Countries.Enhance Your Chat Experience by Sending Funny Stickers or Emoji to Your Loved ones.With Line App you can even connect with your friends Using Line on Windows PC or Apple Mac.Stay Connected with Your Friends or Family members 24/7 with Line.Line is Currently available for Apple,Android,Blackberry,Symbian,Windows Users.

Whatsapp Alternatives 2013 - Line App

Viber :

Viber is another Free yet Popular Instant Chatting App pretty similar to Whatsapp but Totally Free to Use with no advertisements.With Viber Connect with Over 200 Million Users world wide and Share Free text and Voice Messages.You can even send photos and make calls to your Friends.Create Groups with upto 40 Participants,Create and Send Doodles to your friends.Push Notifications ensures that you never miss a message or call when Viber is off.Viber is now available for Many Smartphones.

Whatsapp Alternatives 2013 - Viber

Skype :

Skype one of the Most Popular Free or Low cost Video Calling and Messaging App Used by Over 250 million Users World wide is now available for Mobile Phones too.Send Free Messages to Your Friends which are on Skype Contacts.Enjoy instant messaging, voice or video calls on Skype for free.Skype Provides you an Amazing User Experience while making voice or video calls anywhere.The Best Part of Using Skype is that if you don’t have Skype Account then you can Use Your Hotmail or Facebook account too for Logging to Skype.I must Say if you are looking for a Good Whatsapp Alternatives 2013 then Skype is a Must Try App for You.

Whatsapp Alternatives 2013 - Skype

Nimbuzz Messenger :

Nimbuzz is Another Very Popular Instant Messaging and Chat App that lets You talk to your Favorite buddies on Facebook,Gmail,Yahoo or Hotmail etc at Just One Place or You can say it is a One Stop Place to Stay Connected with your loved ones anytime.Nimbuzz is Absolutely Free to Use App and is available for all most of the  Platforms which includes Android,Java,Windows,Mac,Blackberry etc.Make Groups and Start Chating with Your Friends,Share Unlimited Photos or Files. Make Cheap Voice Calls with your Friends throughout the World.With more than 150+ million Satisfied Users throughout the World It has already shown its Popularity that makes it as a Good Competitor for Whatsapp Alternatives 2013.

Whatsapp Alternatives 2013 - Nimbuzz

  • Get Nimbuzz Messenger For Your Smartphone

Kik Messenger :

Kik Messenger is a Simple and Free to Use Personal Smartphone Messenger App that Connects you to Your Friends and Family.Kik Messenger is well Supported for Almost all the Mid Range Smartphones including Nokia Symbian Smartphones too.It Offers Fast free text and Voice messaging Service to its users.You can also Share Photos,Videos and Sketches with Your Friends.It is very Much Similar to Blackberry messenger and iPhone iMessage app.Full Control Over Your Privacy since Kik Messenger doesn’t uses your Phone number as your Kik Identity instead of that it uses a Unique Username.

Whatsapp Alternatives 2013 - Kik Messenger

Other Popular Whatsapp Alternatives 2013 :

  • Samsung Chat ON
  • Facebook Messenger
  • Kakaotalk
  • Tango
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