How to Hide Friends list in Facebook from Your Friends

Privacy is one of the most important part of your life especially when you are sharing all your personal matter online on Facebook or other popular social networking sites therefore today in this very short yet useful article I am going to share with you How to Hide Friends list in Facebook from your friends or other outsiders by editing your Privacy settings.This is a very important feature that Facebook provides for every user profile so that the user can easily control and maintain their privacy by hiding their friends list from their friends or strangers and thus making sure that no one mess around with your friends by sending unwanted friend request or spam messages.Though enabling this hiding friends list feature is not that difficult but because of all new User Interface still some of the Users found difficulty in finding these options therefore Here below I am providing with detail step by step Instructions on How to Hide Friends list in Facebook from Your Friends.

How to Hide Friends list in Facebook – Follow the Below Guide

  • First of All Go to Facebook and Login to Your Account
  • Here Now go to Your Timeline Profile Page and Click on Friends button as shown below.

How to Hide Friends List in Facebook

  • Next Click on the Edit button which look likes a small pen and Select Edit Privacy.

  • Under the Option ‘Who can see your Friend list ?’ Change it from Public to Only Me


Note Important :

  • You can also Hide Your Friends list from specific friends or people also by selecting the Option Custom and There selecting the Users by typing their names under the title Don’t share this with as shown below.

Facebook - 4

  • Click on Close button and You are all done.

Note : Here you can also change ‘Who can see the people and list your follow ?’

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