Is My Power Supply Bad ? – How to Check Power Supply on PC

Looking for answer to Is my Power Supply Bad ? Then just go through this article once and all your doubts will get cleared : Power Supply aka PSU is one of the most essential component of every Desktop Computer PC which is responsible for supplying power to most of the components attached to motherboard like hard disk, external CD/DVD Drives, Graphics card, Motherboard itself and many more components. Despite carrying so much of Importance for every computer system it has been highly observed that most of the computer buyers try to avoid spending considerable amount on purchasing high quality Power Supply unit and thus often end up in facing issues with their system later on. Moreover I have personally observed that while diagnosing any system people generally used to check motherboard, hard disk, cables etc. and never pay attention to the Power supply unit which is highly responsible for causing issues.

Learn How to Check Power Supply on PC : A faulty or poor Power supply unit can entirely damage all the attached components or in worst case can result in burning of the components which are also not covered under warranty therefore causing you huge loss. Therefore here I am going to tell how to check power supply on pc whether it is working or not by using the shorting of circuit method or also known as paper clip testing. By this method you can test whether your power supply has some juice left within it or it is entirely dead. Just check out the below given simple steps on how to check power supply on PC working or not.

Is My Power Supply Bad ? – How to Check Power Supply on PC Working on Not : Steps to Follow

As I said above testing power supply is often forgotten while performing a diagnosis operation on any computer system which is highly responsible for creating issues like Blue screen error, Hard drive errors, graphics display issues because of insufficient power to graphics card and many more.

  • First of all Disconnect all of your attached components from your Power Supply and turn off any external power supplied to your PSU.
  • Take out the 20 or 24 PIN connector that is connected to your motherboard that supplies power to your motherboad. This would be the largest connector attached to your PSU.
    • Now take a paper clip and bend it in the shape of U and insert its one end in the Green wire Pin (this would be a single pin) and one end in Black pin.

How to Check Power Supply on PC

  • Connect your PSU to the Main power supply and turn it on and check if your PSU fan revolves properly or not. If the Power Supply Fan works just fine then your Power supply unit is Ok else it is dead and its time to get it replaced.

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