Boxopus Alternatives 2016 : Top Boxopus Alternatives

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Boxopus is a online service which allows the users to download torrents directly to their Google Drive . All you have to do is feed Boxopus with torrent files, magnetic links or torrent page URL and the rest will be taken care by the Boxopus. Once Boxopus downloads the torrent to your cloud account, you can download it to your local computer. Earlier, Boxopus also used to support Dropbox, however later Dropbox blocked it because of privacy issues. Get Best Boxopus Alternatives 2016 here.

Nevertheless, apart from the advantages like not having to download actual torrent clients, encrypted channels, portability and media streaming Boxupus has a disadvantage which is slow downloading of torrents. Now, there is no way you can solve this issue unless the developers make any changes. However, what you can do is, look for the Boxopus alternatives, which can do the same task with better speed. In this round, we have made the list of best alternatives for Boxopus 2015.  Have a look at them below.

Best Boxopus Alternatives 2016 : Latest Updated Top Boxopus Alternatives 2016

1 –

The first Boxopus alternative is Filestream which allows you to download torrents directly to your cloud storage account. The reason for choosing Filestream over other alternative is that it doesn’t have speed cap or speed limit, though you will still face other limits.  If keeps your files secure and private, connections are encrypted over SSL, upgrade plans for and high-speed download and access to your files.

2 – ZbigZ

ZbigZ is yet another Boxopus alternative and highly recommended by the users. It doesn’t have any network restrictions, keeps your private files safe, allows you to play and watch your favorite media files without downloading them completely , hassle free as the user doesn’t have to install any torrent client, secured with HTTPS connect and more.

3 – is yet another Boxopus alternative in 2015 and allows you to get your torrent files on cloud storage account with blazing speed. To access the files in cloud storage account all you need is a device with internet access.

4 – is similar to, but is much popular among users than It download torrents to cloud without the need to install torrent client to your computer. You can play the downloaded torrents on your web browser, smartphone or tablet with internet access.

5 – is again one of the popular alternative for Boxopus and comes with free and premium account. It’s fast and anonymous online bit torrent client with cloud storage features like folders, easy file navigation, online video streaming etc.

So, these are the best Boxopus alternative. Check them out and do let us know your pick in the comments below. If you have any better alternative, do mention it in the comment section below.

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