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Best CPM Ad Networks For Indian Publishers – Earning Money Through Blogs is becoming as a Part Time Job For Bloggers with the Increase in Ad Networks that has helped a lot of people to Monetize their Blogs through these Ad Networks.Google Adsense is one of them and is the Most Popular and Widely Used Ad Network For Publishers all over the World.How to Download Torrent Files Using IDM : Faster and High Speed The Reason for the Success of Google Adsense is their High CPC ( Cost Per Click).Though Google Adsense mainly Uses the CPC ads offering a very few CPM ( Cost Per Mile ) ads to the Publishers.So Here in this Post I am going to Discuss Google Adsense Alternatives i.e CPM Based Ad Networks.Here is a Detailed Information on Best CPM Ad Networks For Indian Publishers  to Increase your Earnings.

What are CPM Ads ?

CPM Refers to Cost Per Mile.CPM Ads are Based on the Total Impressions that a Blog Generates expressed in thousands.CPM is Basically Calculated by Dividing the Overall cost of the Ads Placement to the number of Impressions generated by the Ads.CPM Ads are totally Dependent on the Total Impressions.

For Example – Say a Blog Generates 5000 Impressions daily and the Ad network are paying 1$ per thousand Impressions therefore For 5000 Impressions your daily Income will be 5$.

Best CPM Ad Networks For Indian Publishers

1 – Tribal Fusion Review

Tribal Fusion is one of the Best CPM Ad Network that Pays Premium CPM rates for the Advertisements being displayed.It includes a lots of Different Ad Sizes i.e Banners,videos, expandable, interstitial, floating and much more.Tribal Fusion pays the publishers through Check which is the only payout option and to apply for payout you must have a minimum of 50$ in your Account.Because of Increasing Publishers daily it is not very Easy to Get Tribal Fusion Account Approval until you have a very Popular Website getting more that 5000 unique visitors daily.Here below are some Requirements that your blog or site must meet in order to get Tribal Fusion Account Approved. How to Download Play Store Apps on PCBest CPM Ad Networks For Indian Publishers

Requirements For Approval of Tribal Fusion Account

  • Your Site must have a Minimum of 5000 Unique Daily Visitors.
  • Content Should be Unique and should be of Rich Quality.
  • Site should be Regularly Updated.

Apply For Tribal Fusion Publisher Account From Here

2 – Ozone Media Review

Ozone Media is also one of the Popular CPM Ad Networks only for Indian Traffic.It has shown a huge growth as an Ad Network since last few years.Their Payment Cycle is based on the Net90 basis.Ozone Media has a great Support System to help you out in placing the Right Ads on your Site.Ozone Media offers a Very good Ad inventory that is found very appealing to most of the Visitors.If Your Site is Getting a Minimum of 1000 unique visitors daily then you can apply for Ozone Media Publisher Account.How to Increase YouTube Buffering speedBest CPM Ad Networks For Indian Publishers

Apply For Ozone Media Publisher Account From Here

3 – Burst Media Review

Burst Media is one of the Oldest Online Advertising Network Company established in 1995 founded by Jarvis Coffin and David Stein.It is a very reputed Advertising Network that requires High Quality Publishers.The Minimum Payout Money is 50$ and the Most Commonly Used Payment Methods are Paypal and Cheque.How to boost and Increase your internet speed Burst Media Offers two Different Models to Earn through your Site i.e Burst Network and Burst Direct.Burst Network is simply CPM Based Ad Network where you will be payed for every 1000 Impressions Whereas in Burst Direct You can Directly Contact Advertisers to Display Ads on Your Site For a Fixed Price.Best CPM Ad Networks For Indian Publishers

Requirements For Approval of Burst Media Account

  • Minimum of 25000 Monthly Page Views or 5000 Unique Page views Monthly.
  • You Must be the Owner of Your TLD i.e Bloggers or WordPress Website Owners cannot apply for Burst Media.
  • Site Content Should be English.

Apply For Burst Media Account From Here

4 – Technorati Media Review

Technorati Media is a very Popular Advertising Network Specially in case of CPM based Ad Networks.Technorati Media is having Internets largest Blog Directory also.Technorati Media offers both CPM and CPC Based Ads.They Offer Payments on the Net60 basis i.e You can get your Payment 60 days after reaching the Minimum Payment threshold (50$ Minimum). Their are not Strict Rules (i.e No High Traffic Requirements) for getting your Technorati Media Publisher Account Approval.If you have a Site or blog with a decent Traffic then you can easily apply for Technorati Media Publisher Account.Best CPM Ad Networks For Indian Publishers

Apply For Technorati Media Publisher Account From Here

5 – BannerConnect Review

BannerConnect is a Very Popular and fastest growing Advertising Network to Increase Your Earnings i.e Monetize your Blog or Site.BannerConnect offers Both CPC and CPM based Ads.BannerConnect has a Great Customer Support Facility Replying Your Query within 24 Hours.To Apply for BannerConnect Publisher Account Your Site must have a Huge Traffic  having 100,000 impressions per month and Frequently Updated Content.How to Increase Mozilla Firefox Browsing Speed Best CPM Ad Networks For Indian Publishers

Apply For BannerConnect Publisher Account From Here

6 – Casale Media Review

Casale Media is an Online Advertising Company with Campaign development technologies. Casale Media Mainly Focuses on English and French Content.Casale Media Offers Different Types of Ad Sizes i.e  In-Banner, Pop-Under, Expandable Banner and Floating ads.Casale Media offers both CPC and CPM Based Ads.Paypal and Cheque are the Commonly Used Payment Methods.How to Play Youtube Videos Using VLC The Minimum Payment Threshold Money is only 25$ therefore If you want to Apply For Casale Media Publisher Account Make Sure that your site is having a high traffic with 10000 Unique Visitors Per Month.Best CPM Ad Networks For Indian Publishers

Apply For Casale Media Publisher Account From Here

So these are Some of the Best CPM Ad Networks For Indian Publishers from which you can choose any one of the Advertising Network Company to Increase Your Earnings through Your Site or Blog.

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  1. Great Collection, thanks for this info!

  2. Insightful article. Never heard of any other India specific advertising network except IBIBO ads.
    Will try Ozone media.

  3. Thnx for sharing this info

  4. It is really a gr8 article which you have posted but previously I used ozone media but they were not paying good cpm so i had to drop them… Anyways Its a great list you have posted.

  5. Thanks really nice collection. Applied for Burst Media & Casale Media. Hope I will get approved by them.
    I don’t understand why BSA not approving my site currently getting 1,00,000+ still they are not approving my site. Where as they my friend getting hardly 40000 PV but he got approved.

  6. I am using Adtomatik. Has more than 2,000 premium advertisers. Increase your revenue and run CPA CPL CPM CPC campaigns with worldwide reach, and highest fill rates. Recommend it.

  7. Nice information about CPM ad network . But I must Recommended Advizual is the best cpm ad network.

  8. Thanks for this amazing post i helps me to understand the cpm ad networks & their benefits.


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