GTA 5 PC Errors Fix, Steam Crashes, Social Club, Save Game

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Its look like that GTA V is out for PC at last. GTA 5 was released on both PS3 and Xbox 360 on September 2013.   We all are very much aware of GTA franchise and this one best off all. This is the first to support multiplayer and thus it makes it more awesome. Most impressive of all is the new first person mode . Yes , GTA V has FP mode and Third Person. GTA 5 is surely going to be the best game of this year for Windows platform. Just after the release of GTA 5 for Windows platform there is a huge buzz over Internet regarding GTA 5 installation issues or GTA 5 PC errors which has gone viral over Internet.

Fans of GTA 5 who where eagerly waiting for the release of GTA 5 would be really disappointed because of these minor flaws or issues while installation. Therefore here I am going to address some of the most common GTA 5 PC Errors with their proper solution and fixes. Thousands of users were found reporting cases of frequent crashes, graphics performance issues, installation errors, missing dll files etc. and much more so if you are the one facing these issues you don’t need to worry anymore because I am going to discuss all of these issues here. Fix for all GTA 5 PC Errors here.

Where is GTA 5 Save Game file ? : GTA 5 Save Game Location

Well this is not an issue but some users are often found looking for the savegame directory and this is required to be known because some fixes need to be applied at this particular directory. So you will find the GTA 5 Save game location at the following location :

Documents/rockstar games/ GTA 5

Issue 1 : GTA 5 PC Errors Can’t Install the Game due to Windows Username

This might sound surprising for you but yeah your Windows username is one of the issue that is preventing you from installing GTA 5 on your system. This is due to the presence of special characters in your Windows username so the only work around to fix this issue is to create a new username without any special characters. Also Rockstar has provided with the list of supported alphanumeric characters that can be used for Windows username.


a b c d e f g h i j k l m n o p q r s t u v w x y z

0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9

Issue 2 : GTA 5 PC Error 0xc00007b Fix

This is another common error that has been reported by users while installing GTA 5. Well this error is due to outdated Microsoft .net framework version installed on your system. So you just need to download and install the latest .net framework package from Microsoft official website or you can download it from below given links.

Also for some users this error has been fixed by running all the process with Run As Administrator privileges.

Issue 3 : GTA 5 is Unable to detect Media Player

If you are facing error “Unable to detect Windows Media Player on your system. Please install Windows Media Player, then retry the installation.” then you need to make sure that Windows Media Player is installed on your system. So in order to install Windows Media player you need to follow the below given simple steps after which you can retry the GTA 5 installation procedure.

Open your Windows Control Panel -> Go to Programs -> Turn Windows Features On or Off -> After this you will see a new window where you need to make sure that “Windows Media Player” is checked under the “Media Features” folder and If not just check that box and click on OK which will install Media Player and ask you to restart your system.

GTA 5 PC Errors Unable to Detect Media Player

Issue 4 : GTA 5 Rockstar Social Club Error : Failed to Initialize and Update Error

A lot of users are complaining issues with the Rockstar social club which is not a matter of surprise because we have witnessed that in GTA 4 too where people were having trouble running GTA 5 because of this. So if you are having issue with Rockstar social club please try to follow the below mentioned fixes. The below mentioned fixes will also help in case of Social Club infinite loading time or Social Club stopped working error.

  • First of all try to Install Rockstar Social Club manually and check if that works or not.
  • If that doesn’t try to run the Game launcher with Run As Administrator Privileges.
  • Also make sure that you are having the latest Visual C++ and Direct X installed on your system.

Issue 5 : GTA 5 PC Errors Launcher Crashes While Updating

Well if your GTA 5 launcher is crashing everytime while trying to update you need to first disable your Nvidia Graphics Driver from the Device manager if you are having Nvidia Chipset or graphics card on your system. After Disabling try updating once again and hopefully this time you will no longer face the same issue.

That’s it after installing the update you can re-enable your Nvidia Graphics Driver and enjoy playing GTA 5 via GTA 5 launcher.

Note – Those who are running pirated copies of GTA 5 were found reported an error saying missing GFSDK_ShadowLib.win64.dll which can be fixed only with some sort of patch after its relea

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