HTC One M9 Common Problems and Their Fixes

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HTC One M9 Common problems and their fixes: HTC One M9 is the latest flagship device from the Taiwanese giant and is the successor of HTC One M8. HTC One M9 is a powerful device, yet it’s not immune to bugs and glitches. No matter what, errors are inevitable in almost every electronic device.  In this round, we have gathered the HTC One M9 common problem and their fixes.

HTC One M9 Common Issues and their Fixes

HTC One M9 Common problems and their fixes : Popular Issues with their Solutions

1 – Fix Heating Issue

The most common problem reported by HTC One M9 users is the heating issue in the device. The heating issue is said to be because of HTC One M9’s Snapdragon 810 processor, though the maker of the chipset has denied it. Even HTC have released a firmware update to fix the heating issue, still some users are facing overheating problem on their device.

Reduce the Overheating in HTC One M9 By :

  • Disable High Performance mode in the developer Options, if you have enabled it.
  • Turn  on Power Saver Mode on your device to limit the performance.
  • Put the device in Power Saver Mode when it’s charging and do not use it.
  • Reduce the number of apps running in the background

2 – Battery Draining Fast / Poor Battery Life

The HTC One M9 comes with a 2840 mAh battery, still some users have complained about poor battery life of their device. Though there are no permanent solution for this problem, but you can follow below given steps to improve the battery life of your device.

  • Block Notifications for unnecessary or unwanted apps from Settings > Account and Sync.
  • Use Power Saver mode from Settings  > Power.  Choosing Sleep Mode would turn off your data connection to reduce battery consumption. Always disconnect and disable WiFi it not is use. If not required use, 2G instead of 3G.
  • If not required turn of location-based services as they continuously needs to use your data connection.
  • Reduce your display brightness by selecting Automatic brightness. Set screen timeout to as low as you can.

3 – Auto-rotate not working

Though this is not a common issue, but few HTC One M9 users have been facing problem in Auto-rotate feature. The phone doesn’t changes the screen orientation to landscape from Portrait mode. Follow below given quick fixes to fix this issue.

  • Simply restart / reboot your device. Most of the time this should solve Auto-rotate not working in HTC One M9.
  • See if any third-party apps are causing this problem. To do this, boot your device into safe mode by pressing and holding Power button until you get the Power Menu and then tap and hold the power off option where you can see reboot to safe mode option. Once your are in the safe mode, see if the Auto-rotate feature is working. If not, that means third-party apps are not causing this issue.
  • If nothing seems to be working, then you can opt for Factory reset of your device.

4 – Double Tap to Wake Up Not Working

Double tap to wake up feature allows you to wake up your screen by simply double tapping on your device. This feature was initially spotted on Nokia Lumia devices. Now, if Double tap to wake up isn’t working for you, then follow below given steps and see if it resolves the issue.

  • Make sure that you have enabled Double tap to wake up in the settings. Go to Settings, Display and gestures and tap on Motion Launch and see if Double Tap to Wake up is turned on.
  • Try uninstalling if you have installed a new third-party lock screen on your device.
  • Check if your Gyroscope  sensor is working fine through the Help App. Go to Hardware misbehaving, tap on Hardware Diagnostic, G-Sensor test.
  • If nothing seems working then, Reset your device to Factory default and see if this resolves the issue.

5 – Bluetooth Not Connecting in HTC One M9

Now Bluetooth not connecting is one of the problem reported by the user. The problem occurs when the user try to connect their device to car via Bluetooth.

  • Turn of Power Saving Mode if you have turned it on.
  • Make sure that you have paired your device with the car System. If you have already paired the device, try unpairing and then re-pairing it with your car.
  • Make sure that you have not reached Bluetooth profile limit on your car system. If you have reached the limit then try deleting few profiles.
  • Make sure that the Bluetooth system on your car is up to date with the latest firmware update.
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