Subway Surfers for lumia 520, 620, 625, 720 (512MB RAM)

Subway Surfers is one of the Best Games that you can Enjoy in Your Android Smartphones, Apple iOS Devices and now also on your Nokia Lumia Windows Phones (512MB RAM) Just for Free.If You are Using an Android or Apple iOS Device then you must have Played and Enjoyed Subway Surfers on Your Smartphones or Tablets so now it’s the time to enjoy subway surfer on your Windows Phones.Subway Surfers is one of the Most Popular Downloaded Application with more than Millions of Downloads. Though the Game play of Subway Surfers is Pretty Much Similar to Temple Run a Runner Based Game but with lots of Amazing Features and Awesome Track Experiences that will keep you Thrilled whenever you Play.If You Liked Playing Temple Run then Definitely this Game will Keep you Thrilled every time you play it.Just Read the given guide and Get Subway Surfers for lumia device right now.

How to Install Subway Surfers on Windows Phone 512MB RAM Devices : Subway Surfers for lumia 520, 620, 625, 720

Officially Subway Surfers works only on those Windows Phone devices that are equipped with atleast 1GB RAM but here we are going to tell you a simple trick by which you can easily install subway surfer on your lumia smartphone’s running on 512MB Ram and most surprisingly you can play it without any lag smoothly isn’t it interesting so let’s try this out.

  • Visit Appstudio Windows Phone official Site and there register yourself with your Windows ID
  • Install this Application and Complete the Registration Process and after successful registration you will see a message something like this.

Subway Surfers for Lumia - Step 1

  • Now Switch to your Windows PC and there first of all download the following Applications

Download Net Framework 4.5.1 (60MB)

Download Windows Phone SDK (60MB)

  • Install Net Framework 4.5.1 and there after install Windows Phone SDK
  • Open the “Windows Phone Developer Registration” file that you will find on your desktop after Installing Windows Phone SDK
  • After running the file it will ask you to connect your Nokia Lumia device and Unlock the Passcode and Sign in.
  • To Unlock the Phone fill in your Windows ID and Password with which you registered on the Step 1 on Appstudio and Click on Unlock
  • That’s it and when you will again the run the Windows Phone SDK Application you will see a message something like this.

Subway Surfers for Lumia - 2

  • You need to Download Two more files before you can install and play subway surfers on your nokia lumia 512MB Ram devices

Download Subway Surfers .XAP File

Download WPV Xap Deployer File

  • Open WPV Xap Deployer file on your Windows PC and Click on +Add XAP Files as shown below

Subway Surfers for Lumia - 3

  • Here Just Add the Subway Surfers .XAP File that you have downloaded just right now
  • After successful addition just click the DEPLOY Button making sure that your lumia device is connected to your Windows PC or Laptop whatever.
  • Wait for 2 minutes and you will shortly see Subway Surfers in your Installed App list
  • That’s it and you are all done enjoy playing Subway Surfers on your Windows Phone

Supported Models 512MB RAM Fix :

  • Subway Surfers for Lumia 520 FREE Download
  • Subway Surfers for Lumia 620 FREE Download
  • Subway Surfers for Lumia 625 FREE Download
  • Subway Surfers for Lumia 720 FREE Download

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