Google Play Store “No Connection – Retry” Error – FIXED

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Google Play Store No Connection Retry Error !! – From last few days I have been facing constant issues while Using Google Playstore to download or update installed apps what actually happens is that Google Playstore losts connection with the Internet and thereby leading to “Google Play Store No Connection Retry Error”.The most surprising fact is that you will see no Network or Internet Connectivity issue with other apps or anything else all works quite normal but the problem occurs only while accessing Google Playstore.This error has been frustrating me for quite a long time I tried reinstalling Google Playstore several times but all effort goes in vain therefore after searching about the issue on Internet I found that I am not the only one facing this issue there are lot of other users too who have been facing this issue in regular time periods so I did a bit research on all this and came up with some few working solutions.There are several fixes for this error and no one can give you assurity which one will work for you therefore you can try following each of the below given methods to fix Google Play Store No Connection Retry Error till your error is not resolved and also it’s not that difficult to follow the fixes so now you can proceed with the following given methods.

How to Fix Google Play Store No Connection Retry Error – Best Ways

Clear your Google Playstore Cache

This is the first method that you should try because such issues are often caused by old cache files or temporary files therefore clearing cache files often fixes most of errors of this type.To Clear the Cache You can follow the below Given steps.

  • Go to Settings -> Applications -> All -> Google Play Store

Google Playstore No Connection Retry Error - 1

  • Here Click on Force stop then Clear data and clear cache.

Google Playstore No Connection Retry - 2

  • Reboot your device for better results.
  • That’s all and you are done.

Check your Date and Time Settings

It has been observed that this issue is more dominant on users having Incorrect System date and time settings and changing these date and time settings to correct one has fixed the issue for most of the users.Thus if your date and time are not correctly set, you continue to face the “No connection – Retry” error message again and again.

Check your Google Account Credentials

Make sure that all your Google Account details i.e Username and Password are entered correctly.If you have recently logged out of your Google Account or changed your Google Account password details etc then please first verify whether all the details entered by your are correct and up to date or not and if not please correct them.

Check for FREEDOM App

Some users have found that their issue resolved after removing Freedom App from their device their issue resolved so check for all those apps that try to interfere with Internet Connectivity by Blocking either partially or completely and if you found such apps than it is good to either reinstall them or uninstall them to check if this fixes your error.

Factory Reset your Device

If all the above solutions didn’t work which is very rare to happen but still can’t be said surely then you are left with only one option that is Hard resetting your device to its old factory settings.It will work for sure 100% but it is not advisable to do as it results in losing all your phone data, contacts, messages everything so you need to take a backup of your smartphone before trying.

Warning – Factory Data Reset will erase all your Internal Storage, Personal Settings or Downloaded applications so make sure to take a Backup of your data before following the below procedure.

  • Go to Settings -> Privacy -> Factory Data Reset

Google Play Store No Connection Retry Error - Factory data reset

  • Reboot Your Device and fill in the correct details of your Google Account.
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