How to Increase Tikona Broadband Speed : Increase Speed

How to Increase Tikona Broadband Speed : Tikona also known as Tikona Digital Networks Ltd is one of the leading Internet Service Provider in India with its base in Mumbai. Founded in 2008 Tikona has grown a lot since then and has now started to provide its Internet services to Enterprises. Currently Tikona Internet Service is available in all the major cities of India and has over 30lacs customer base as per the statistical data.

How to Increase Tikona Internet Speed : Tikona is providing very high Internet speeds as compared to MTNL or BSNL Internet broadband service and that too at a very affordable price range. So Considering the Increasing customer base and popularity of Tikona Internet service here I am going to share How to Increase Tikona Broadband Speed in case of slow Internet speeds. Therefore just follow the below given instructions on How to Increase Tikona Broadband Speed.

Note : Important

I would highly suggest you to stay away from the hacking or illegal ways of Increasing Broaband Internet speed though it could benefit you for brief period but would ultimately lead you into problems in the long run so better to go for the recommened or advisable methods only.

How to Increase Tikona Broadband Speed : Best Ways to Increase Speed

Before I would proceed further I would like to make it clear that by default the Internet speed that you receive on your system is restricted by your ISP (Internet Service Provider) i.e Tikona as per the Internet plan opted by you so it is impossible to get speed beyond the Internet plan opted by you unless and until you try to attempt illegal or hacking activities in order to increase your Internet speed. Therefore you can only improve or optimize your existing broadband Internet speed and accordingly I have listed few best ways on How to Increase Tikona Broadband Speed. Now Increase broadband speed by implementing the below given methods

Method – 1 : By Unallocating the Reserved Bandwidth

You can Increase Tikona Internet speed by unallocating the 20% reserved Internet bandwidth from Windows settings. This 20% is usually reserverd for its self use or future needs and therefore by freeing it to 0% you can definitely see improvement in your exisiting tikona internet speed. Therefore here below is a complete step by step tutorial on how to unallocate the reserved bandwidth.

  • First of all you need to open Windows Local Group Policy Editor which you open it simply via command in the RUN box.
  • After opening the Group Policy Editor Window screen Just Go to Computer Configuration -> Administrative Templates -> Network -> QOS Packet Scheduler as shown below in the Image

How to Increase Tikona Broadband Speed - Group Policy Editor

  • There Under QOS Packet Scheduler section you will see a setting with name ‘Limit Reservable Bandwidth‘ which you need to select and after selection Perform a Right Click on that and Select Properties or Else Double Click on that.
  • Now Initially You Will See this Setting as Not Configured which seems Weird but by Default Windows Reserves that 20% Bandwidth therefore Check the Box Enabled and Set the Bandwidth Limit to 0% as shown below in the Image.

How to Increase Tikona Broadband Speed - Group Policy Editor

  • That’s it and you are all done. You have successfully dealloacted the 20% Reserved Internet Bandwidth.

Method – 2 : By Using Google DNS or Public DNS Address

Using the Google DNS or Public DNS address has benefited millions of Internet users across the World and now you can also benefit from using these Google DNS or Public DNS. What you need to do is just Go to your Network Adapter Settings and from there you need to Select TCP/IP and then you will see en entry field for filling up the DNS address.

Google DNS Address Settings :

Preferred DNS –

Alternate DNS –

Public DNS Address Settings :

Preferred DNS –

Alternate DNS –

Method – 3 : By Using TCP/IP Optimizer Tool

TCP/IP Optimizer is a great free third party tool that can drastically improve your Tikona broadband Internet speed if there are any possibilities for speed increase. What it does is that it actually optimizes your exisitng TCP/IP configuration for best possible speeds. So just download TCP/IP Optimizer and follow the below given steps.

  • Run TCP Optimizer and Go to General Settings and here just move the Internet Speed Slider to 1MB or upto the Speed offered by your Tikona Broadband.
  • After Fixing the Slider Position to Desired Speed Check Mark the Optimal Box as shown below.

How to Increase Tikona Broadband Speed - TCP/IP Optimizer

  • Now a  New Window Will Pop Up Asking to Apply Changes and There Just Check Mark the Backup Option and Click Ok

Note – After Using TCP Optimizer if you Feel that it has Decreased Your Internet Speed instead of Increasing then You Can Easily Restore back it to your original Settings by Using the Backup that You Have Created in the SG TCP Optimizer.To Restore it to Default Run TCP Optimizer then Click File and Select Restore Backed up Settings and Select the Saved Backup File and Your System Will be Stored Back to its Original State

  • Tjhat’s it Just Restart Your Computer so that new effects can take Place and after that you can start enjoying fast Internet speed.

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  1. you had done fantastic work….

  2. Please know that changing DNS does not works on Tikona, the only way to hack their speed to allocate bandwidth of your nearest server(tower), speed upto 4 MBPS can be obtained but account may get terminated by Tikona, I’d personally recommend 2 MBPS to stay out of their sight.


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