How to Change Name in Truecaller database : Edit Name

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Truecaller is a Global Mobile Phone number lookup app developed by Scandinavia AB that is currently world’s largest collaborative phone directory that includes database of more than 950+ million mobile phone users worldwide which lets you search or track any mobile phone number and its contact details,name,location etc directly from within Truecaller.You can get all the caller details flashed immediately on your mobile screen before you receive call from new unknown number which is one of the best and very useful feature to have on your Smartphone.

True Caller keeps adding and updating new numbers from different countries in its phone directory automatically which ensures that you don’t need to manually update it or do something else. With Truecaller App your Phonebook or contacts stay alive and updated 24/7 by adding your friend’s latest Facebook or linked in pictures to your Smartphone. Truecaller as an app is available for all the major platforms which includes popular Google Android, Apple iOS, Blackberry, Windows phone etc. Generally Truecaller tries to get the user details from phone contacts, social networking sites etc and that’s the reason most of the numbers displayed on Truecaller database bears different user details therefore if incase your contact details or personal details are displayed wrong then you can manually change or provide correct details via Truecaller Name suggestion facility. Therefore if you wish to change your name in truecaller database then just follow the below given steps. Read below on how to change name in truecaller database.

How to Change Name in Truecaller database : Steps to Follow

In order to change your name or edit your name from truecaller phone directory you need to go through a series of steps as mentioned below so just follow them carefully and soon your new name will be updated in truecaller directory.

  • Here in the Name Suggestion form Just put your Phone number details with your country code i.e if you are from India type +91xxxxxxx

How to change name in truecaller

  • Fill in the rest of the details like your First Name, Last Name that you want truecaller to show when someone searches for your number.
  • That’s it enter the verification code and Click on Send button. Wait for about 1 week for the review process and after this your new name will be reflected in true caller database.
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