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IRCTC Waiting List Types – IRCTC is a Govt of India Enterprise referring to Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation Limited that provides online ticket booking facilities for Indian Railways which is considered as one of the biggest railway network in the World. Apart from the Online Ticket booking facilities IRCTC also handles the Catering department in the passenger trains and also provides tourism packages. IRCTC offers both e-tickets and i-tickets facilities that can be booked through IRCTC official website via Windows PC or through IRCTC official app available for Android Smartphone’s. Everyday thousands of tickets are booked through IRCTC that has completely changed the face of Indian Railway ticketing in India. Know IRCTC Waiting list types from here.

Tickets booked through IRCTC are classified into different categories as per the seat availability and are therefore assigned different terminologies but there are lots of passengers who are not aware about these terminologies and often gets confused while checking the booked status of their tickets via IRCTC therefore here I am going to give you a brief detail about these different tickets classification and the terminologies used here which will surely help the passengers. Read below more about IRCTC Waiting List types and their chances of Confirmation.

IRCTC Waiting List Types

IRCTC Waiting List Types and Chances of Confirmation :

Confirmed Ticket :

If you book tickets during the seats availability period then you will receive a Confirmed Ticket status with complete details about your Coach and Berth number. Also even if while booking the waiting list is low and then there are also chances of getting a Confirmed ticket status so it is advised to check the final status of your ticket after Train Chart Preparation.

RAC Ticket :

RAC ticket is another very popular terminology used in Railway Ticket booking which basically refers to Reservation against Cancellation. People with ticket status as RAC will have guaranteed seating if in case the tickets are not fully confirmed. While travelling with RAC Ticket you may have to share your berth or seat with another person having RAC ticket too. Moreover there are a total of 90 additional seats that are reserved under RAC Quota and most of the RAC Seats are allotted side-lower berths in order to avoid travelling issues.

Waiting List :

While booking tickets you will be allotted tickets under Waiting list if all the available seats are booked and even the 90 additional seats reserved under RAC Quota are booked. Generally the Waiting list that can be booked is limited to 300 only and anything after this tickets booking will be closed for that particular train and will be shown as REGRET Status.

Now One Interesting thing to know What does WL50/WL20 represents in Ticket status ?

Here WL50 represents the status of the waiting list when booked and WL20 Represents the current status of the waiting list.

PQWL : Pooled Quota Waiting List

PQWL refers to Pooled Quota Waiting List and is a type of Waiting list against pooled quota. You will get a PQWL Ticket status if while booking tickets to a station the tickets are issued from the Pooled Quota or if all the tickets available in the Pooled Quota have been booked already. PQWL is shared between many small stations and generally Pooled Quotas operate only from the originating station of a route, and there is only one Pooled Quota for the entire run. Basically Pooled Quota is allocated for passengers travelling between intermediate stations or from originating station to stations short of final destination of train. Chances of getting ticket confirmation are very less.

RQWL : Request Waiting List

RQWL refers to those tickets booked from intermediate stations to other intermediate stations and are not covered by general, remote location or pooled quota. RQWL tickets are usually confirmed only when there is a confirmed ticket for a passenger travelling from the originating station to that intermediate station.

RLWL : Road-Side Location Waiting List

RLWL is basically known for both Road-Side Location Waiting list or Running Line waiting list. RLWL is issued for passengers travelling intermediate stations coming between the originating source and destination source. RLWL Tickets are given separate priority and their chances of confirmation depends on the cancellations of a destination confirmed ticket. No provision for RAC and hence less chances of Confirmation.

For Example – Suppose a Train is travelling from New Delhi to Howrah and you have booked a RLWL Ticket from Kanpur to Ranchi then your ticket will be confirmed only if a confirmed passenger cancels his ticket.

RLGN : Remote Location General Waiting List

RLGN refers to Remote Location General Waiting List and is issued for passengers travelling from intermediate stations to destination. Such tickets come under General waiting listing and therefore have greater chances of confirmation as they also have provision for RAC.

CKWL : Tatkal Quota Waiting List

CKWL refers to the waiting list of tickets booked under Tatkal scheme. CKWL tickets are confrmed only if some other person with tatkal ticket cancels his ticket and therefore the chances of getting a confirmed tickets are very rare especially it the waiting list is more than 10.

Note – CKWL is different from the normal waiting list as in case of normal waiting list you will be moved to RAC category if there occurs some cancellation but in case of CKWL when the list will move up you will get a fully confirmed ticket.

LDWL : Ladies Quota Waiting List

LDWL as the name suggests refers to Waiting List ticket against ladies seat reservation.

GNWL : General Waiting List

GNWL refers to the tickets that are booked from the booking offices of Train originating stations or other nearby stations and shows the waiting list under General Quota.

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