Bluestacks Brave Frontier Errors, Performance Issues, Lag

Bluestacks Brave Frontier Errors, Performance Issues, Lag: Fixed. Brave Frontier is one of the most popular mobile role-playing game developed for iOS and then later made available for Android and the Kindle.  The game does work quite good on mobile devices such as iPhone and Android smartphones, however, when you try to play it on  your Windows PC or Mac, you would see several error and performance issues.

Bluestacks Brave Frontier Errors, Performance Issues, Lag - Fixed

The thing is, people who want to play the game on their PC would install Bluestacks on their PC first and later install the Brave Frontier and have fun. As the general perception goes, Bluestacks is a good Android emulator but isn’t something very reliable. It’s a resource hog and the gaming performance on your PC using Bluestacks wouldn’t be as smooth as it would be on the actual platform for which the game was originally made.

The Brave Frontier being one of the most popular game has thousands of players playing it on their PC. Nevertheless, most of them would end up with one or another error. The most common being the performance issue while playing Brave frontier, the most consistent error could be the error in connection. So, in this post we will be giving some tips to improve the performance of Brave frontier on PC and how to fix some errors related to it.

Bluestacks Brave Frontier Errors, Performance Issues, Lag: Fixed

1 – Fix Bluestacks Brave Frontier Connection Error

Once you download and install the brave frontier on your PC, you have to login to it using the Facebook account credentials. The problem is that, as soon as you log in with the Facebook account, you will be awarded an error named as Connection error. The error is self-explanatory and is related to your Internet connection or the server side of the Brave Frontier.

Double check and make sure that you have the Internet connection working properly.Once confirmed, you may have to wait for few minutes before you try again to login to Brave Frontier.  Make sure you restart Bluestacks as well.

2 – Fix Incompatible with other application(s) using the same shared user ID error

The “Incompatible with other application(s) using the same shared user ID” error would mostly occur if you are trying to play Brave Frontier on your Mac using the Bluestacks player. Now there is no solution for this error as it is mostly related to Brave Frontier server than your PC. So, just wait for about 15 minutes and then try to reconnect to the server.

3 – Fix Bluestacks Brave Frontier Stuck at Checking Files

At times when you open Brave frontier on your PC with Bluestacks you would notice that the checking file animation would get stuck and wouldn’t move any further. This could be frustrating for anyone. However, the solution for the error bluestacks brave frontier stuck at checking files or brave frontier bluestacks checking files is that you should try to access Brave frontier every few minutes after the Brave frontier screen get stuck. Simply close Bluestacks, wait for 15 minutes or more and then run the game again. And this time you should be able to get Brave frontier running on your PC.

4 – Fix Brave Frontier Performance Issues in Bluestacks

Despite being the most popular Android emulator, Bluestacks is not capable of playing all the games smoothly and would have performance issues with some of them. Same is the case with Brave Frontier when you try to play it on PC using the Bluestacks player.

What you can do here is, switch to another good Android emulator such as Genymotion. Genymotion requires you to install Virtual Machine first, but can play the game better than Bluestacks. So download and install Genymotion and you should be able to play the game without any performance issues.

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