How to Use Moto E as Modem through WiFi Hotspot

How to use Motorola Moto E as WiFi Hotspot – Motorola Moto E was the first Motorola phone to be launched in India by the company which was below Rs 5000. For the given price tag, the Motorola Moto E was offering a decent set of specifications. Later, the company announced its successor, the Motorola Moto E 2nd Gen.

How to Use Moto E as Modem through WiFi Hotspot

Talking about the specifications, the Motorola Moto E runs on pure Android. It is a dual SIM smartphone with 1GB of RAM and 8GB of internal storage along with a micro SD card slot for memory expansion.

The company has also equipped it with a 5MP rear camera and a front-facing camera for video calling needs. Initially, the Motorola Moto E was launched with 3G HSPA+, but later, the company announced the 4G LTE version as well.This was same with Motorola Moto E 2nd Gen, which was priced a tad bit higher, but offered improved set of specifications. If there was anything common in the both the smartphones, that would be the WiFi hotspot feature or the ability to use Motorola Moto E as modem.

Using Motorola Moto E as WiFi Hotspot allows you to share your phone’s internet connection with other WiFi-enabled devices. If you use 2G internet connectivity, then you may feel slow internet speed on your other WiFi devices. However, if you are on 3G or 4G connectivity, you can surely use the WiFi hotspot feature and share internet  with other WiFi devices such as PC or tablet. This would save you the cost having a WiFi dongle or a separate WiFi router. Now the procedure to Create WiFi Hotspot in Motorola Moto E and the Moto E 2nd Gen is same. Follow these steps to know how to do it.

Key points to note before you proceed :

  • Using your phone as WiFi hotspot will drain the battery quickly.
  • Make sure you keep an eye on the data usage by other devices.

How to Use Moto E as Modem through WiFi Hotspot : Step By Step Guide

  • Unlock your Motorola Moto E and turn On Data. Go to Settings, tap on Wireless and Networks and tap on more. Tap on Tethering and Mobile hotspot.
  • Tap on Mobile Wi-Fi hotspot to turn it on. Set the WiFi name if you want and set a password.  The SSID should be your Wi-Fi hotspot name and the password should be your password.
  • Save the settings and head over to your device on which you want to use the internet. Search for available for Wi-Fi hotspot and select Motorola Moto E Hotspot. Enter the password and connect to the internet.

Once connected, you can use the internet on your other Wi-Fi devices. Do let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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